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How to build a virtual insurer for the new normal post-COVID

virtual insurer

When sharing books like “Re-Imagine” recently, I’ve mentioned the need to reinvent your business, e.g. as a virtual insurer.

Looking for an example of reinvention for the ‘new normal‘ predicted once COVID19 is under control, you could be excused for not considering insurers. Insurance is traditionally one of the most slow to change sectors.

So, I was intrigued when Paul Carroll, editor of the excellent Insurance Thought Leadership shared this article with me. In it, author Frederik Bisbjerg (Chief Strategy & Digital Acceleration Officer of Noor Takaful) faces into the reality that things will not go back to how they were.


Data Visualisation in Modern Data Architectures (trying a webinar)

Modern Data Architectures

We’ve spoken before about how to run your own workshops online, but you may also want to attend others to keep learning, e.g. about Modern Data Architectures.

In a bid to experience for our readers whether the raft of webinars being advertised can replicate the events they replace – I signed up to attend one. Many working in the Data & Analytics space will have at some point attended Big Data LDN, as a one-stop show to see several vendors at once.

This is not my preferred type of event, but I noticed that in a series called “Modern Data Architectures” they had a webinar on Data Visualisation. I was also curious to watch this as it included a presenter from Looker, a tool that Ryan de Rooijen has recommended to me.


Why innovation needs Humanology: 3 more design principles to guide you

innovation needs Humanology

This is part two of a two-part series from guest blogger, Ty Francis, on why innovation needs Humanology.

In part one, Ty defined his use of the term Humanology (check that out here). He also began to share the first two of five principles that enable innovation work (either online or offline).

Since publishing Ty’s first post, I have noticed so many people mention the need to humanise our work. The need for marketing & proposition design to still be customer insight-led. The need for team collaboration & leadership to focus on humanising communications.


Instead of Technology do you need more Humanology to innovate online?

Humanology 1

In recent posts, I’ve shared advice to help you innovate, journey map & collaborate through digital tools – now let’s talk about Humanology.

Over-focussing on Technology as a solution in itself is a pitfall that I’ve highlighted over the years. The risk of being seduced by Analytics Software demos, fashionable technology or just Shiny Object Syndrome.

But during the current pandemic, our lockdown is causing even more leaders to focus on digital solutions. So, to balance that bias, I am glad to share this series of two posts from Ty Francis PhD. Ty is the founder of meus, plus a film-maker, facilitator & coach. So, well placed to explain Humanology.


How to improve your workflow with digital collaboration tools

Collaboration tools

Working online from home can be a lonely existence without digital collaboration tools to help you still work with others. But many teams are finding that this requires more thought than just signing up for a free trial.

So, to help us review both which digital collaboration tools to consider and how they can improve your workflow, welcome back to Simon Daniels. You may recall that Simon is a Marketing Operations leader who helps others navigate the world of marketing technology.

Simon has shared with us before on topics including shiny object syndrome & working from home. Now, he will build on that advice, with this review of the need for effective use of digital collaboration tools in your teams’ workflow. Over to Simon…


Change – even big change – doesn’t change leadership

change leadership

Building on our recent focus on adapting to online collaboration, let’s return to the subject of change leadership.

Up and down the country teams are crying out for leaders who can provide the vision & support needed to not just cope but thrive. To move beyond hunkering down in furlough or other suspended animation, to having a plan for what next.

So, given his work in mentoring business owners with such challenges, I’m delighted to welcome back guest blogger William Buist. He is a business mentor, professional speaker & collaboration strategist. Regular readers may recall William sharing before on collaboration, signposts & his podcast interview.


Can you run a Customer Journey Mapping workshop from your home?

customer journey mapping

Could you run your Customer Journey Mapping workshop online, or do you need to postpone due to lockdown?

Following on from Hanne’s example of running a co-creation workshop online & Tony’s encouragement to keep innovating, Annette is back to share her advice.

Focussing on an activity that is very relevant for Customer Insight leaders, who have a major part to play, Annette Franz writes about Customer Journey mapping. Readers (and podcast listeners) will know that Annette is an internationally recognised leader in Customer Experience & author of “Customer Understanding“.