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10 more all too common mistakes and how to improve your VoC program

improve your VoC program

Continuing our series to help improve your Voc program, here are 10 more mistakes to avoid. After the popularity of her first post in this series, I’m delighted to welcome guest blogger Annette Franz to share 10 more tips. As I mentioned before, Annette has many years of client-side experience in getting Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs to work. As is the case for Customer Insight leaders, most of.. Read More

Guest Post: Does it pay to listen to the voice of the customer?

I’m delighted to finally share our first guest blog post, here on Customer Insight Leader. Hopefully the first of many more, from writers on customer insight & those using such insights. Annette Franz takes the stand as our first guest blogger, with this reminder that listening to your customers is worth it: That’s probably a silly question, but I don’t feel bad reminding anyone of the answer!

Avoiding your research pitfalls & embracing a visual world

So many things can go wrong with your research. Any experienced researcher will be able to regale you with tales of research pitfalls they’ve fallen into in the past. I’m sure you agree from your experience. The Customer Insight Leader’s role has to avoid many risks along the road to real insights. Keeping up to date with best practice, or problems others have experienced, can be time-consuming. So, here is another quick round-up.. Read More