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This year’s best Data Visualisations, to inspire you

Well designed data visualisations can be so powerful. They can help simplify the complex, enable leaders to see evidence for a key decision themselves & make the case for the power of analytics. I was reminded of that latter point when listening to Jim Anning, from British Gas Connected Homes (Hive) present in Barcelona. Through a couple of impactful simple visualisations, Jim made the case for the need for Hive.. Read More

How to build the internal reputation of your Insight team

internal reputation

Why do some customer insight teams have a better internal reputation than others? Did some insight leaders just get lucky, with a great culture & receptive directors? If so, then it appears many did not get so lucky. I say that because lack of internal influence, being neglected or treated as just a service function – these are common concerns raised in coaching sessions with insight leaders. Ironically, given that.. Read More

Avoiding your research pitfalls & embracing a visual world

So many things can go wrong with your research. Any experienced researcher will be able to regale you with tales of research pitfalls they’ve fallen into in the past. I’m sure you agree from your experience. The Customer Insight Leader’s role has to avoid many risks along the road to real insights. Keeping up to date with best practice, or problems others have experienced, can be time-consuming. So, here is another quick round-up.. Read More