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Pre-conference workshops, do they work for you?

Pre-conference workshops. Have you ever tried them? Did you get value out of them? We’ve shared before the ways you can judge the value of insight & analytics conferences before committing. With more pre-conference content marketing, it’s more & more possible to select the events that will provide the expertise & themes you seek. But what about the trend to having pre or post conference workshops or 1 to 1 sessions? Have.. Read More

How to play to your strengths this year

This book is more of a resource toolkit than a narrative read, but it is one that I’ve found useful for my own development & when coaching clients. It’s a book for which you’ll want your own copy, not just because you want to make notes & complete the cover with your top 5 strengths, but also because each book has a unique code for you to use to complete.. Read More