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What is a leader & how do I become one?

what is a leader

As we look forward to a summer of sport, our focus also shifts to the topic of leadership and what is a leader? With the World Cup & Wimbledon to watch, I’m sure there will be plenty of examples of determination. Athletes will demonstrate courage, winning against the odds & some will truly lead their teams. But what makes someone a true leader, not just in the world of sport but.. Read More

Your goals for 2016, keeping focussed on value & growth

Thanks to all of you who participated in this year’s annual survey of Customer Insight goals. Looking at the results, the first thing that strikes me is the similarity of results to the ones you chose last year. So, there is definitely a theme of consistency. It seems many of you continue to be prioritising making a measurable commercial difference in your businesses and investing in your own leadership ability. Alongside.. Read More