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Out and about with Insight Leaders like you

What are others doing? Am I the only one struggling with this problem? Do they know something I don’t?   These are the kind of questions & doubts that can plague today’s leaders. Perhaps especially those working in a less widely understood area like Customer Insight. So, let’s peer behind the curtain and see what some other leaders say… Meeting different Customer Insight leaders is always a great opportunity to.. Read More

How would you summarise the latest Budget?

UK Budget Day is an opportunity for a wide range of media outlets and financial firms to practice their communication skills. Rabbits can be pulled out of hats, treats given away, burdens imposed and lives changed; all in 2 hours. Despite the level of advance leaking these days, none of these businesses knows the content for sure until the Chancellor stands up & starts speaking. However, some changes announced in the budget.. Read More

No time for Insight spin, the Russians are coming

It’s not often that you have opportunity to discuss Customer Insight with leading Russian retailers. On 1 July, at #MSMS2015 event, I had such an  opportunity and thoroughly enjoyed it. In the end this was an exclusive, intimate business tour for predominantly two leading Russian retailers (from fashion & home furnishings sectors). That was beneficial, as a  beautiful setting in South Kensington gave us opportunity to talk honestly about aspirations, practical challenges &.. Read More

Votes are in, do you agree with our survey results?

On the day when the British Polling Council opposed a bill regulating opinion polls & provided more details on inquiry into election opinion poll failures (a cause we have championed), I’d like to encourage you to vote here on Customer Insight Leader.   Over the last year, we’ve run short surveys on a wide range of topics. Here are some of the results from you, the Customer Insight Leader “jury”. In our.. Read More

Does Danny Collins teach you how to be a better leader?

Watching “Danny Collins”, Al Pacino’s latest movie, with my wife yesterday, was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. It has a good story, great acting performances and is engrossing throughout. Perhaps it shows a sad addiction to my topic of interest, but reflecting afterwards a number of leadership lessons struck me. The central character, Danny Collins, is often quoted as being “a ridiculous man“. Which he is. However, this deeply flawed character.. Read More

Does Data make you think in new ways?

Time to focus back on Data. Lots of interesting thoughts out there, so as a change from my posts, here is some of the best content from others that impressed me this week… Many organisations in recent years have looked into the challenge and opportunity presented by all this coverage of “Big Data” and “Predictive Analytics”. Some have invested in ways that improved their Marketing effectiveness or Customer Experience. But very.. Read More