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Whose afraid of the big bad US election pollsters?

Many column inches of newspapers this week have been filled with diagnosis of what went wrong with polls predicting US election outcome. Why were most media outlets, most polls predicting a Clinton win. More relevantly to this blog, should it actually matter to Customer Insight leaders. I believe some of the lessons that can be learnt from this & other recent failures are very relevant for insight leaders. There are.. Read More

Is variety the spice of your best insights?

Sometimes you just want to mix it up a bit & that’s just what this customer insight ‘variety’ post offers. Not that I’m suggesting our relationships theme this month is being followed here 😉 Rather, I was inspired by a particularly enjoyable episode of the “More or Less” podcast by Tim Harford. In this one, Tim explores a whole range of statistics. From debunking commercially motivated stats in the news, about women taking selfies.. Read More

Pitfalls but publicity of public research

How reliable is public research? Can you trust those government or media covered surveys? In the same week as we shared some examples of public segmentations, the BBC drove plenty of media coverage on the results of its latest “Happiness Test” research. Beautifully presented within its iWonder section, it captured the public imagination, especially in terms of evidence for traditional stereotypes in some areas of the country. On the surface there was.. Read More