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Audio Interviews with Customer Insight Leaders: (5) Elsbeth Kottelenberg (UBM)

Elsbeth Kottelenberg 1

Time for another of our audio interviews with Customer Insight Leaders, this time it’s Elsbeth Kottelenberg. This is another good conversation with a leader, in a different sector again. UBM is a global events company, with Elsbeth supporting Pharma events around the world. She also differs from previous interviewees through her background in qualitative research. During this interview we discussed her career to date, some segmentation projects within UBM, the challenges of.. Read More

Are you & your analysts protecting time for Deep Work?

deep work

As you continually improve how your team works, are you protecting time for “Deep Work”? If you haven’t come across that phrase, it was coined by my latest recommended book. In “Deep Work“, author Cal Newport makes a great case for the importance of better concentration. He diagnoses our current malaise. Full of distractions from our phones/tablets/computers/connected devices, we fail to focus.

How to generate insights for better propositions (part 2)

better propositions

For part 2 in our series on insight generation for proposition development, we return to that ‘brown paper’ exercise. You may recall that I’d advised bringing together representatives, from across your business, to run an interactive workshop. One focussed on generating consumer insights that can guide the design of new propositions. We will continue where we left of. Clue: The walls are covered in brown paper! The following stages have.. Read More

How to generate insights for better propositions (part 1)

generate insights

Are you working effectively with your proposition development colleagues? Do you both agree on the need for customer insight guided design? Perhaps in these times of companies falling over each other to have the most customer centric strategies, you may feel inundated with requests for deeper or richer insights that provide a platform for proposition developers to start designing. Does Customer Insight have a role to play in guiding design.. Read More