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Using Hackathons to go from zero to business impact in a week


We’ve shared before the lessons that can be learnt from Design Thinking and the potential benefit of Hackathons. Although previously reserved to tech companies or the most technology literate businesses, I am seeing more and more clients use this approach. When hearing about placements from Data Science graduates, I even heard of a hackathon with no coding at all. So, I thought it time for us to explore this phenomenon,.. Read More

How to generate insights for better propositions (part 2)

better propositions

For part 2 in our series on insight generation for proposition development, we return to that ‘brown paper’ exercise. You may recall that I’d advised bringing together representatives, from across your business, to run an interactive workshop. One focussed on generating consumer insights that can guide the design of new propositions. We will continue where we left of. Clue: The walls are covered in brown paper! The following stages have.. Read More