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I want to make changes, but they demand a business case!

Ever get frustrated at being asked to pull together a business case for what appears to obviously be the right thing to do? If so, you should enjoy our latest guest blog post. Simon Norie from Custerian shares his thoughts on how to deal with this frustration… Can’t we just do what our customers want us to do? We get this comment a lot when it comes to putting change.. Read More

Do you know which rules to break or laws to follow?

Some authors and industry experts have real staying power. Despite how much change happens in that industry, they manage to adapt and stay relevant to their readers/customers. Such an accolade can surely be made about Don Peppers & Martha Rogers. In that way they live their own message. I first came across Peppers & Roger’s writing back just before the new millennium. Their classic “The 1to1 Future“, popularised the term One.. Read More

How would you summarise the latest Budget?

UK Budget Day is an opportunity for a wide range of media outlets and financial firms to practice their communication skills. Rabbits can be pulled out of hats, treats given away, burdens imposed and lives changed; all in 2 hours. Despite the level of advance leaking these days, none of these businesses knows the content for sure until the Chancellor stands up & starts speaking. However, some changes announced in the budget.. Read More

How to better measure your Marketing Payback

Back in 2005, when this was published, I was in the right job at the right time, so as to get a free copy. However, having since read and valued this important work, I would now happily of bought copies for myself and my team. Professor Robert Shaw is one of the early gurus of applying analytics to marketing. In this text he steps the reader through how to both.. Read More