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How do you judge value before attending?

How do you judge if an event is right for you? With all business leaders living such busy lives these days, even free events cost you valuable time to attend, so you need a way to judge value in advance. A helpful trend is the more common practice, recently, of conferences releasing pre-event videos or podcasts. This enables potential delegates to hear speakers, so as to judge value & relevance to them. In preparation for.. Read More

Getting the most out of conferences

I don’t know how many events you attend each year, but I can tell you as a speaker and an attendee, you do get out what you put in. Right now I’m creating slides and preparing stories to share at “Insurance Data & Analytics” in September and “Analytics for Insurance, Europe” in October. So, I really appreciated seeing this advice from Michael Hyatt:   As I prepare for 18 Sept event, liked this: “When.. Read More