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Audio interviews, with Customer Insight Leaders: Norma Dove-Edwin

audio interviews

Today, we are launching a new feature for this blog, audio interviews with Customer Insight Leaders. I am delighted, to kick-off this new addition, with the help of Norma Dove-Edwin. She is the CDIO (more about that title in our interview) of Places for People Group. In this interview we discuss job titles, the role of a CDO (or CDIO), GDPR and her experience of achieving compliance. Following on from.. Read More

Curating a Big Picture, why research teams need to learn how

Research teams can be mistakenly viewed as simply research buyers or just project managers, for a number of reasons, including a lack of curating a big picture. I’m sure anyone leading a research or customer insight team can relate to the problems of such misconceptions. But, what do I mean by ‘curating a big picture‘? In many ways, this is an extension of the points I previously made on knowledge.. Read More

A Customer Research topic to avoid at the Dinner Table

In a first for Customer Insight Leader, Annette Franz is back again for back-to-back guest blog posts. I just couldn’t resist this one, on a dinner table¬†conversation topic to avoid (or how to avoid becoming fixated with your Customer metric, rather than improving experiences). Over to Annette… The rules of etiquette state: never discuss certain topics at the dinner table. You know your mom warned you about this one: never.. Read More

Are you happy with insurance customers’ experience?

Sharing a conversation on insurance customers’ experience, I’m delighted to welcome back Paul Carroll. Paul is CEO of Insurance Thought Leadership & in this guest post shares an insightful conversation that came out of one of his webinars. Over to Paul… I want to share what I found to be some keen insights from a webinar I hosted with executives from Capgemini, Salesforce¬†& Donna Peeples, a member of our advisory.. Read More