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For Valentine’s Day, think about relationships

So, the romance day of the year is nearly upon us. Valentine’s Day is surely a time when people think about their relationships. Beyond their significant other, though, I wonder if many business leaders spare a thought for their work-related relationships? I ask because of seeing so many companies, over so many years, take a simplistic & at times patronising approach to ‘building relationships‘ with both their customers & their employees… Read More

Is your marketing focus as broad as Salesforce?

I must admit I was surprised to be approached by Salesforce with an infographic to share here. My initial reaction was to say no. I assumed it would be sales-focussed and seek to push their product. Sceptically, I also doubted I’d agree with their stats or message within the infographic. Whilst I couldn’t 100% sign-up, to almost anything, there is much to commend this graphic summary. Under the theme of “The.. Read More

Hear how insurance analytics can improve your marketing

Are you responsible for using analytics to improve insurance marketing? If so, this event is well worth considering. The “Insurance Marketing & Distribution Europe Summit” (8 & 9 December, London) is a two-day event targeted at use of insurance analytics for marketing & sales. It promises to provide strategies to win and retain customers across channels in the digital age. Having previously spoken at a similar event run by FC Business.. Read More

Should you celebrate being an introvert? (on your own of course)

As a natural introvert, I’ve sometimes struggled over the years to cope with the social aspects of business life. It can seem that corporate life & certainly the networking needed to expand your stakeholder influence, favours the obvious extroverts. Plus, it has seemed that Marketing leaders are disproportionately extroverts. Those who assume their leadership teams draw energy in the same way (rather than needing to recharge with “me time“). So,.. Read More