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How to build the internal reputation of your Insight team

internal reputation

Why do some customer insight teams have a better internal reputation than others? Did some insight leaders just get lucky, with a great culture & receptive directors? If so, then it appears many did not get so lucky. I say that because lack of internal influence, being neglected or treated as just a service function – these are common concerns raised in coaching sessions with insight leaders. Ironically, given that.. Read More

Rebranding a blog, is it all alchemy?

You may have noticed the new look to this site. It’s the result of a rebranding to achieve three¬†goals. Many of you, kind readers, have given feedback on potential logos and a new visual identity. Thank you for that and I hope those who voted for this version are pleased. Hope you like your new look blog¬†and find this site now simpler, clearer & easier to navigate. Having previously only.. Read More