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Data Visualisation excellence, my faves from #IIBAwards 2018

Data Visualisation excellence

This time of year we have another opportunity to celebrate excellence in data visualisation, at the IIB 2018 awards. The Information Is Beautiful (IIB) awards have been running since 2012. Originally created by Data Viz pioneer & artist David McCandless.  His excellent Information is Beautiful blog works well with sponsor Kantar Media. Together they have done a good job of highlighting some of the best data visualisers of 21st century.

Curating a Big Picture, why research teams need to learn how

Research teams can be mistakenly viewed as simply research buyers or just project managers, for a number of reasons, including a lack of curating a big picture. I’m sure anyone leading a research or customer insight team can relate to the problems of such misconceptions. But, what do I mean by ‘curating a big picture‘? In many ways, this is an extension of the points I previously made on knowledge.. Read More

Data Visualisation, is it art to you?

When analysing the interest in posts here on CIL, one of the topics which perennially gets more visitors than others is data visualisation. So, in order to listen to our readers, here’s another round-up of recent Data Viz resources that are hopefully helpful to you or your team. Encouraging the creative side of data visualisation, Teradata recently exhibited 20 visualisations at the “Art of Analytics” exhibition within their conference in Amsterdam. Here’s an interesting.. Read More