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How to start creating the Customer Insight Strategy you need

customer insight strategy

Too few companies have a Customer Strategy, let alone a Customer Insight (CI) Strategy. At least, that’s my experience.

In fact many business strategies that I’ve seen, which seek to pepper their presentation with customer language, if you look closer are really channel strategies or product strategies – reflecting the current silos in that business.

This is unfortunate, as most CEOs would acknowledge the critical importance of their business understanding, acquiring, satisfying & retaining customers (ideally converting them into advocates).


Awards & trends for Data 2015

Following on from our first post about awards & trends for research professionals, this week we turn our attention to data teams. Foundational to holistic customer insight, in the past they have too often been neglected as a cinderella services within the insight department. However, that is changing. The cache of “big data” and momentum for organisations to understand the data they have or even better monetise that asset has meant much more media attention for data geeks.

To start with awards, I’ve noticed a few being publicised during 2014 or planned for 2015, but one organisation has consistently delivered these for years and pioneered more focus on data issues. They are DataIQ, who together with their well worth reading magazine, provide advice services and awards throughout the year. Their latest creation, as they seek to innovate in this category, is The Big Data 100. More than just an award ceremony, it’s a means of recognising the movers and shakers in the data industry. With a launch event on 25 Feb it will be interested to see who is recognised as shaping this industry, beyond all the ‘smoke & mirrors’ that surround big data conferences. Sadly not me 😉 (more…)

Interim Results: 2015 goals

Basketball_goalThanks to your voting, we now have some interim results from our poll on where you would focus your 2015 goals for customer insight. Although there have been some votes across many of the categories and all the technical teams, it is interesting that two clear leaders have emerged.

Joint top goals for 2015, as voted for by you, are:

  • Improved measurable commercial impact from apply insights
  • Your leadership

From a personal point of view this is very reassuring as both were planned to be areas of focus for my services this year as well.


Awards & trends for Research 2015

NASA Television 2009 Philo T. Farnsworth Primetime Emmy AwardEven though we are still fresh into a new year, it is around this time that we often see a spate of awards and pundits forecasting the key trends for the year. A few of these have caught my eye so I thought I’d share those I think add value. As there are developments in each of the technical disciplines which make up Holistic Customer Insight, it will be a review which covers a number of weeks. To start this week, let’s focus on the awards & trends for research in 2015.


The award I want to highlight is the DIVAs Europe award run by Infotools. What strikes me as important about these awards is the focus on best practice examples of storytelling and data visualisation in research reports. For that reason the examples of winners & strong contenders here should also be of interest beyond the research community – there are lessons that could be learnt by plenty of analytics professionals as well. Anyway, judge for yourself and if you’ve been delivering quality storytelling & visualisation to help your research make an impact, then consider entering. Here are the details: (more…)

EU VAT on digital but what about the data?

EuropaPeriodically successive governments impose new rules on businesses without sufficient consultation time to think through the implications or ensure most businesses know what to do.

The latest example of this is the new VAT rules applying to the sale of digital products across Europe, which now require the VAT rate of the country of the consumer to be applied irrespective of where the supplier is based. If this has passed you by, then you can find a useful summary of the changes in this Guardian article.


Do your products inculcate helpful habits?


Thanks to Jeffrey Slater of Nomacorc for sharing this great YouTube video of Nir Eyal from Stanford University presenting at The Next Web 2014 conference in USA.

It is a brilliant exploration of how design can exploit behavioural psychology to the benefit of consumers (the users of products designed to promote habits that are better for their users).

Right from the start, the definition of habit as “a behaviour done with little or no conscious thought”, is clearly aligned to Kahnemann’s System 1.


Have you got the challenge of a New Job for the New Year?

new job new year

As we return to work, some of you may be facing the challenge of starting a new job, or at least a new or expanded role.

Psychologically many people seem to prefer starting new life challenges like this at major milestones, like the turning of the year.

Whether that is the case for you, or you’re in the equally challenging position of hiring a new starter, you know how vital it is to start well and make a positive impression.