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How does your Marketing Measurement need to improve?

wikipedia tape measure
wikipedia tape measure

At the start of 2015, you responded to our poll on goals by confirming that “improving measurable commercial impact” was one of your top priorities for 2015. Amongst the CI teams that I’ve seen, the easiest place to initially demonstrate this is in marketing measurement.

The quickest way to deliver measurable incremental profit is often to either retain more customers or sell more, either way such results make an immediate impact and so help establish commercial credibility prior to longer burn insight investment in shaping strategy or new propositions.

But to achieve this requires not only generating relevant insights (say targeting models for communications) but also robustly measuring the effectiveness of the marketing once executed. This can be a stumbling block for some businesses. By popular demand, my topic when speaking at two events this year is ‘measuring your marketing effectiveness‘.

Before making assumptions about the current state of marketing measurement in your business, it’s time for some more research. Another infamous Customer Insight Leader quick survey! (more…)

Valentine to Infographic?


Browsing Google Images this morning, you would think Valentine’s day was to celebrate love for the Infographic. There are so many published this year!

Well if you can’t beat them…

I’ve mentioned before the benefit of infographics, as well as other forms of data visualisation. They help you better grab attention and enable your readers to digest information faster. Plenty of studies have shown faster understanding of visually presented information, as well as better recall; at least for the majority of the population.

So, without further ado. With the aim of being topical. Here are my favourite Valentine’s Day infographics from the plethora on offer: (more…)

How to measure your Marketing Effectiveness, using a breadth of Customer Insight

marketing effectiveness

When speaking about the power of converging different technical disciplines to yield customer insights, it’s common for the conversation to focus on converging analytics & research for proposition insights. But what about measuring your marketing effectiveness?

Another rich territory for seeing the benefit of multiple technical customer insight (CI) disciplines is the measurement of marketing effectiveness.

In this short overview, we’ll review the ways both analytics & research provide inputs needed for a more holistic view of your overall marketing effectiveness. (more…)

Insights into Home Insurance digital marketing effectiveness

WikipediaGiven both the number of our readers who work within Financial Services and the level of interest in a past post on Motor Insurance, I’m sharing another free extract from one of Global Reviews latest tracking studies.

This time it focuses on digital marketing effectiveness in the UK Home Insurance sector.

Here are a few of their findings, together with their data visualisations…

1) Generation Y are more demanding in online requirements

Those from the 18-35 age group are more likely to want: online tools which assist them in understanding which home insurance cover that is right for them; the ability to view and manage their account online; more information about home insurance; customer ratings and reviews. (more…)

Awards & trends for Database Marketing

The Internet Messenger by Buky Shwartz
The Internet Messenger by Buky Shwartz

As we get used to being in February already, it’s time to bring our series on awards & trends for different technical areas to a close. This week it’s the turn of the fourth quadrant in Holistic Customer Insight, that is the critical work of Database Marketing.


Given this team can often deliver the most obvious commercial return from a customer insight department, we might expect to find awards in this category relatively easily.

In fact it’s a Ronseal moment, as the award I’d like to highlight is the “Database Marketing Awards” organised by the often useful DBM magazine. They have some helpful categories which highlight the different strengths needed in this area, including: “Insight driven multichannel marketing”; “Insight driven social media marketing“; “Data quality management for Marketing“; and “Innovation in Analytics for Marketing“. Well worth entering from March. (more…)

Extras: More analytics news

Stand_Studio_Geek_-_Monaco_Anime_Game_Show_-_P1560500This week there seems to have been more analytics in the news than usual, so despite the earlier post on Analytics awards & trends, I’m going to share another ‘other’ post round-up on this topic.

First to catch my eye was the news that Microsoft has purchased Revolution Analytics.

This is interesting not just because it adds to Microsoft’s analytics arsenal, all of which have the potential to benefit from integration with the rest of Microsoft’s technology (including Office), but also because of the focus on R. In an earlier poll we identified the rise of R as an alternative to the more popular SAS & IBM analytics software currently used by insight teams. Revolution Analytics already provided commercial support & simpler front-end to R, integration with Microsoft’s other software has the potential to take this further towards being a mainstream contender (hopefully not at the loss of affordability). It’s also interesting in this article to hear how popular R is as a language for data scientists within Microsoft (including those working on Xbox Live service). (more…)

Awards & trends for Analytics 2015

awards & trends for analyticsFollowing research & data, in our series on awards & forecast trends for 2015, it’s the turn of analytics.

Surprisingly, given the level of press attention these days on the topics of Predictive Analytics or Data Scientists, there are few awards dedicated to celebrating excellence in analytics.

In most cases data analytics is a sub-category of an award focussed on a wider marketing application, like the prestigious Digitals. This dearth of awards is a shame and risks continuing to undervalue good quality holistic analysis (rather than leaving other awards to focus on application of specific vendor technology, or what marketers did with the results).