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Why Data is everyone’s job, other leaders don’t leave it to your CDO

data is everyones job

We’ve shared some conflicting views on the need for business partners, but is data everyone’s job really?

Should transforming a business into a data-led culture be the challenge for Data Science leader or CDO? Or should this cultural transformation be shared by everyone in the C Suite?

To make the contention that data is everyone’s job (or at least every leader’s job), I’m pleased to welcome a new guest blogger. David Gonz├ílez is Group Head of Big Data Analytics & AI for Vodafone Business.


The need for analysts to have improved commercial awareness

Commercial Awareness

I have mentioned before that analysts benefit from stronger commercial awareness. But what do I mean by this term?

The easiest way to explain is to set it in context. A lack of commercial awareness is normally shown when an analyst presents their findings. The impression they leave with internal customers is that they are commercial naive & irrelevant.

I’ve written before that this too often happens to otherwise very technically capable analysts. Their work may be based on high quality, well prepared data. Their analysts may be statistically robust & perhaps even presenting using engaging data visualisation.


Factfulness – a suitable legacy from the great communicator Hans Rosling


Readers may remember our obituary on the passing of Hans Rosling, whose book Factfulness was published posthumously.

In this post, I will review this engaging book. It is a fitting legacy for a man who dedicated so much of his life to education and relief. A  number of lessons can be taken from this work, on Data Visualisation, Biases and Communication.

It is a handy sized little hardback, measuring only 19 cm by 13 cm. Small enought to carry around while experiencing the world around you, which would be a fitting way to read this book.


The case for more Specialists as your Data Science team grows


Following on from the potentially controversial topics that I suggested, I will make the case for more specialists.

You may recall that the first topic I offered was based on a post from Vincent Granville. In that post, he proposed that there was a need for more Data Science Generalists & less focus on Specialists.

He makes a good case and I am cautious to disagree with such a thought leader. But I think it is worth making the counter case for why more specialist roles help, especially as your team grows. I began making part of this case when arguing for Business Partner roles.


Other controversial topics for leaders of Analytics & Data Science teams

controversial topics

Following the popularity of our open debate on Business Partners, I have been wondering about other controversial topics. Which would be worth exploring further on this blog?

In the past, I have shared research for the Data Leaders Summit that highlighted some polarised opinions amongst leaders. These included the perennial debates around challenges including: