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Achieving impact via the Welsh Coaching Conference 2020 (part 1)

Achieving Impact part 1

Welcome to my fifth year of blogging about the Welsh Coaching Conference, this time our theme was Achieving Impact.

Once again this great event delivered on that promise, with inspiring keynotes & practical masterclass workshops. The latter being more experiential and all the better for that.

Our chair, once again, was the charismatic Dave Tee. He is such a well-connected leader of the coaching community in Wales. Dave, who is also the editor of The Coaching Psychologist from the BPS, brought together a great collection of voices to help all types of coaches develop & achieve more impact. Well done once again to Dave & the organising team.


How are you scoring on your Stakeholder Balance Sheet?

The Stakeholder Balance Sheet

Returning to the topics of both Books & Stakeholder Management, I recently read “The Stakeholder Balance Sheet” by Farrokh Suntook & John Murphy.

I was tempted not to review this book, as there are elements that are outdated or I dislike. However, I still believe the content is very helpful & the structure relevant to help many leaders today.

The field of Stakeholder Management is too often vaguely defined. Leaders are given advice that focuses on anything from relationship building to personal presence to commercial awareness. All under the umbrella challenge of ‘getting better at managing your stakeholders’.


#datavizlive part 2, Data Viz from testing to emotion & finally beauty

#datavizlive part 2

This post continues my debrief of a great Data Viz event I attended in London, this is #datavizlive part 2.

Building on all I learnt in part 1, we pick up the story with me still attending a variety of sessions across the three tracks. To start I continued attending the Technology track.

On my own data viz training, we work on embedding suitable preparation & quality assurance (QA) into your analysis workflow. Thinking of data prep for Data Viz. Taking this aspect as seriously as the data wrangling & QA needed for your analysis.


So much more to see in the data at the first #datavizlive (part 1 of 2)


This week I had the pleasure of attending the first #datavizlive event to be run in London. There was so much good stuff there that I’m spreading this debrief over two blog posts.

I’ll confess to being drawn to the event by the big-name headline speakers. These included Data Viz gurus Andy Kirk, David McCandless and Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic

But, as is often the case at this sort of event, despite those experts delivering great presentations, I gained as much from the other practitioner speakers and the opportunity to network. It certainly was a buzzing event with several hundred packed into Propero House near Borough station in London.


Narrative Coaching: helping your clients’ stories to come to life

Narrative Coaching

How could Narrative Coaching help you as a coach or a client (coachee)? How might it enable you to see more clearly the story you are living in and the choices you could make?

I’ve shared before, after the 2018 Welsh Coaching Conference, how much potential I saw in Narrative Coaching & how inspiring David Drake was as a speaker. So, not surprisingly, I bought his book.

In this year of living my identity as a reader, I’ve finally got around to finishing “Narrative Coaching“. Finding it both an impressive resource and a challenging read. But, don’t let that put you off. I’ll share in this book review why it’s worth persisting & a tip to make it easier to access.


Getting practical with a great introduction to DataOps & why it matters


Chatting with a leading light in the Scottish Data Science scene recently, we both agreed that the term DataOps is coming to the fore.

There has been a focus on DevOps within IT teams over recent years, as well as continued demand for Data Science. So, highlighting the need for this overlapping skillset is not surprising.

However, a new book “Practical DataOps: delivering agile Data Science at scale” brings to life the need for this specialism. The author, Harvinder Atwal, is well qualified to share on this subject. Harvinder is currently CDO for MoneySupermarket Group. He’s also led analytics & data science development in Lloyds Banking Group & dunnhumby.


19 signs that your customers are just not that into you

not that into you

As we all want to avoid the pain of unrequited love, this Valentine’s Day can you spot the signs that your customers are not that into you?

Spotting relationships that are not working is another key aspect of being a more discerning leader. So, for this topical relational content, I’m delighted to welcome back guest blogger, Annette Franz.

Annette is a CX coach, international speaker & author. She has previously shared with us on how to get action on your insights, develop leaders & make progress towards a data-led business.