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Tips for managing a project, more advice from experience with real world projects

managing a project

Continuing our series of practical tips for managing a project. In this post guest blogger, Tony Boobier, shares five more tricks of the trade.

If the previous four tips focussed on managing the workload, these five are more people focussed. A useful addition to our previous posts on Stakeholder Management & Stakeholder Engagement.

Over to Tony to share his final tips. One’s that I have seen are important for those managing data or analyst projects too. Here is more of what Tony learnt from managing that large programme… (more…)

How you judge your progress and resources for your 2019 ambitions

Thanks to all those readers who participated in our latest poll, of your progress last year. Initial results are in, so let me share them with you all.

It has been fascinating to review your answers, especially compared to the results from last year. It seems there have been some changes.

The questions asked in this survey were selected to shed light on actual practice compared to advice shared on this site. For that reason, in each section I will share the results of our survey and also related posts that should be of interest.


Checking in on how you ‘ran your race’ last year, a poll to reflect on your goals

poll to reflect one your goals

Following a month focussed on goal setting & different methods for reviewing your progress, its time for a poll to reflect on your goals.

I hope our posts on different approaches to reviewing your progress have helped. Did you find a method that suited you better? As a reminder, our advice has included:

But, before finalising your new goals & plans for 2019, have you taken time to learn from 2018? Have you reviewed how you did, against last year’s goals & why?


On Setting Goals & the signposts that make good progress happen


To finish off our series of guest posts on setting goals, here are some useful signposts from William Buist.

William has joined us before as a guest blogger, to share on topics as diverse as GDPR, office environments & questioning.

In this post, he draws on his personal experience, as well as what he has learnt as a business mentor. William encourages us to look beyond our goals to our journeys. Are you setting goals in a way that makes them more than fantasy?


Speaking of Speaking – how a book can really improve your performance


Is speaking part of your role? Ok, silly question, few roles avoid verbal communication. I mean public speaking in front of groups of people.

Those who have grown in leadership career or influence as an analyst will know that giving presentations comes with the territory. Yet few people relish the opportunity.

Apart from a few frustrated actors, most people have a degree of fear when it comes to public speaking. In my experience that is not helped by some of the advice & resources out there.


Inspired to set effective goals for 2019 – thanks to these questions

inspired to set effective goals

Talking with readers about our previous controversial post, many are still inspired to set effective goals for 2019.

The word that matters most in that sentence, is ‘inspired’. What seems to make the difference between those for whom goals work, is personal relevance & inspiration. Across a year there will be setbacks (foreseeable & unexpected). You need goals that clearly connect to a personal “Why?” for you as a leader.

So, I am delighted to welcome back guest blogger Kevin Watson, to quickly share how he helps his clients. Kevin is a very experienced leadership coach & founder of My Own Coach. In this post, he tackles how to set goals that excite or inspire you. Over to Kevin…


Setting goals is so 2018, what would be better for 2019?

setting goals is so 2018

In these unstable times, is the process of setting goals so 2018? Does 2019 require fresh thinking & a more flexible approach?

That is the provocative assertion made by returning guest blogger Tony Boobier. Having previously advised how to survive a performance management culture, he is now overtly digging the tunnel.

Let’s find out if Tony is just being reactionary or has an important point to make. Suspend your disbelief and hear him out (or perhaps you’re already convinced, in which case you’ll love this)…