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The case for more Specialists as your Data Science team grows


Following on from the potentially controversial topics that I suggested, I will make the case for more specialists.

You may recall that the first topic I offered was based on a post from Vincent Granville. In that post, he proposed that there was a need for more Data Science Generalists & less focus on Specialists.

He makes a good case and I am cautious to disagree with such a thought leader. But I think it is worth making the counter case for why more specialist roles help, especially as your team grows. I began making part of this case when arguing for Business Partner roles.


Other controversial topics for leaders of Analytics & Data Science teams

controversial topics

Following the popularity of our open debate on Business Partners, I have been wondering about other controversial topics. Which would be worth exploring further on this blog?

In the past, I have shared research for the Data Leaders Summit that highlighted some polarised opinions amongst leaders. These included the perennial debates around challenges including:


Creating and using segment Personas to impact customer journeys

segment personas

Continuing our two-part series on segment personas, we now look at how to create and use them.

Our newest guest blogger, Amy Scott, returns to talk us through how she creates personas. After sharing her 3-step creation process, she reveals how she uses personas to improve customer journeys.

I hope you’ll agree that we have already been reminded what a useful tool segment personas can be. Done well, they are a key weapon in the customer insight armoury, to help win the war to achieve more customer-centric organisations. Not least because of how they can capture people’s imaginations.


Are consumer segment Personas helpful facts or Marketing fiction?


After a break in posting due to a holiday, I’m pleased to return and share about Personas.

Despite having shared briefly before about Segmentation we have not had a post on this useful topic. Guest bloggers have shared on the continued relevant of segmentation & I shared some thoughts on public segmentations. But no personas.

So, to fill that gap, I am delighted to welcome a new guest blogger, Amy Scott. She runs a consultancy called Sedulous. See her website for the definition of that word. (more…)

Why Analytics should help your CMO achieve zero-based budgeting

zero-based budgeting

One of the key responsiblities in many Analytics or Data Science teams is analysing Marketing Spend.

Ideally this is not just retrospective, but includes forecasting (or prescriptive analytics to use the buzzword). Providing such an independent assessment & guidance to a CMO can be one of the key ways an Analytics team proves its value add.

So, I am delighted to welcome Peter Abraham as a guest blogger to talk us through the best practice that he recommends. Peter comes from the same We Are Crank agency as our existing guest blogger, Ben Salmon. In this post he shares the results of their latest research report on this key marketing need.