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Best of Data Visualisation, more faves from #IIBAwards 2018

Best of Data Visualisation

Continuing our look at the best of data visualisation, as recognised at this years IIB Awards.

This post continues from our first part, by reviewing my personal selection from the other topic categories. As previously, I may sometimes select bronze or silver finalists. So, I do not always agree with the judges.

My interest is in examples that are helpful to analysts working in business today. I hope these positive examples build on the Data Visualisation resources that we have shared previously. Those were recommended blogs, experts to follow on Twitter & the best Data Viz books.


Data Visualisation excellence, my faves from #IIBAwards 2018

Data Visualisation excellence

This time of year we have another opportunity to celebrate excellence in data visualisation, at the IIB 2018 awards.

The Information Is Beautiful (IIB) awards have been running since 2012. Originally created by Data Viz pioneer & artist David McCandless

His excellent Information is Beautiful blog works well with sponsor Kantar Media. Together they have done a good job of highlighting some of the best data visualisers of 21st century.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, to review your story

review your story

Is this the time of year when you review your story? Perhaps you expected me to say appraise your performance, or review your goals?

Under traditional performance management systems, end-of-year can be full of interpreting metrics. How can you present your performance this year in the most favourable light?

But I wasn’t talking about ‘spin‘, rather a different kind of review. Over recent years, my leadership coaching practice & CPD has taught me a great deal. Specialisms like Gestalt Coaching and Narrative Coaching have given me a fresh perspective. (more…)

Audio interviews with Customer Insight Leaders: (6) Ryan den Rooijen

Continuing our series of audio interviews with customer insight leaders, this time it was Ryan den Rooijen.

Ryan leads Dyson’s Global Data Services organisation, who work on transforming the company’s analytical capabilities. From manufacturing to marketing, their work spans the breadth of Dyson. Previously, Ryan spent four and a half years at Google, where he led the development of the global sales analyst curriculum. Most of his work involves the practical application of big data analytics – impact, not buzzwords.

This was a fabulous interview, clearly revealing Ryan’s experience. I can see why DataIQ has repeatedly named him one of the most influential people in today’s data-driven businesses. As Ryan mentions during our chat, he also completed an MSc in Social Science of the Internet at the University of Oxford. (more…)

How 15Five used Employee Insight to guide new software innovation

employee insight

This post shares how a software has been developed in response to extensive employee insight.

We have shared before how crucial employee engagement & motivation are to achieving CX goals. The opportunity for HR Analytics also needs to be guided by a good understanding of what matters to your teams.

So, I was delighted to be approached by David Mizne, editor of award-winning 15Five blog. Having seen our focus on insight, he shared this guest post with me. I could see the relevance of their research findings to many leaders, so am happy to publish this. (more…)

Audio Interviews with Customer Insight Leaders: (5) Elsbeth Kottelenberg (UBM)

Elsbeth Kottelenberg 1

Time for another of our audio interviews with Customer Insight Leaders, this time it’s Elsbeth Kottelenberg.

This is another good conversation with a leader, in a different sector again. UBM is a global events company, with Elsbeth supporting Pharma events around the world. She also differs from previous interviewees through her background in qualitative research.

During this interview we discussed her career to date, some segmentation projects within UBM, the challenges of retaining analysts & evidencing ROI. It was interesting to hear from a leader who not only has market research experience but is managing data analysts. That prompted us to talk about the convergence of analytics & research, as we’ve shared before.