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What you want from this blog, results of our 2017 reader survey

reader surveyThanks to all our newsletter subscribers, who participated in our annual reader survey.

Just over a year ago, we re-branded this blog, based on your feedback. At the start of 2017 it’s time to revisit how well this blog is serving its purpose.

As you may know, the stated purpose of this blog is to inform & support customer insight leaders. You can find out more about that and our principles here.

So, a few weeks ago, we issued another short reader survey – to check if the design & content of this blog were achieving that purpose. In this post, I’ll share both the results & reflections on any changes needed for 2017. As everyone is ‘time poor’ these days, there were only 10 questions. Here are the results… (more…)

Have you had a successful 2016 too? (Interim results from leaders)

successful 2016This year might have been a strange year, with unexpected news aplenty, but it sounds like many of you have had a successful 2016. That’s good to hear! I’m pleased to be able to share the interim results from our latest poll of your progress against your goals.

Our most recent, short survey, asked just 4 questions regarding your success this year.

This follows a survey we ran at the beginning of the year, to identify which types of goals leaders were setting.

We also ran a survey during 2016 on use of coaches or mentors, which we’ll return to towards the end of this post.

Here are the interim results, with some initial reflections on what may help you do even better in 2017. (more…)

Leader survey: Have you achieved your goals for 2016?

goals for 2016As December draws ever closer to the end of the year, it’s time to review our progress on goals for 2016.

Here at Customer Insight Leader, we set the goal of including more guest bloggers (as requested in our annual reader survey).

I’m pleased to say that we have now reached the total of 15 guest bloggers published in addition to Laughlin Consultancy. Festive thanks to our other contributors:

How about your goal or goals for 2016, how have you done at achieving them? Has coaching or mentoring helped you stay on track? (more…)

How you are using coaches & mentors in business today

coaches & mentorsAs a break from our month focussing on applying insight to marketing, it’s time to share the results of our coaches & mentors poll.

You may remember that back in August, we launched a short survey on use of coaching & mentoring. Thanks to those who participated. We now have stable enough results to give an interesting, at least initial, picture. As someone who works as an external coach & mentor, some of these results have surprised me. See if they accord with your experience.

Following advice on understanding the difference between coaches & mentors, together with when you might need each, I was keen to see take-up. So, questions in this poll centred around 3 topics: use of coaches; use of mentors; personal development progress.

Here is what you shared… (more…)

Are you strengthening by using Coaching or Mentoring?

using coachingAs our Olympians continue their efforts to move up that medal table, it’s time for another poll here. This time focussed on understanding how you are using coaching or mentoring.

Please answer the quick survey below, to help us all see the current state of using these roles to help develop leaders.

It will be fascinating to see how today’s customer insight leaders have embraced use of coaches or mentors (or not). As per usual, once we have sufficient responses, I will share findings here.

Hopefully, that helps us all benchmark our approach & consider what might help us strengthen in future.

So, without further ado, here is your latest survey. First some questions about use of coaches: (more…)

Using Database Marketing, are you at the rear of the pack?

Using database marketingEarlier this month we launched a quick poll, to find out how you were using Database Marketing.

Focussing on actual usage in your business, today, the poll asked about outbound & inbound marketing.

Two other questions also covered use of database marketing techniques to coordinate multi-channel interactions, as well as marketing effectiveness data capture.

The first point of interest is much lower participation in this poll, compared to previous ones covering analytics or customer insight.

Perhaps practical application of data & analytics to make your marketing more profitable is still less trendy that new words & shiny new apps.

Anyway, thanks to those of you who did participate, as the answers provided give an indicative warning. That warning is that DBM usage is still behind the best practice being preached. (more…)

How strong is your database marketing benchmark?

database marketing benchmarkFollowing the success of our latest ‘applications of analytics’ poll, this month it’s time to gather a database marketing benchmark.

How advanced is your use of database marketing techniques?

Do you have the basics in place? Are you targeting inbound & outbound contacts? Are you coordinating or optimising across all channels?

There are some very impressive technology solutions available today in this space. Vendors can easily bedazzle you with targeting, optimisation & real-time capabilities, often now positioned as how to manage the ongoing ‘conversations’ with your customers.

However, my consultancy work with a number of clients leads me to believe many firms still lack the basics or at least a minimum standard across all channels.

So, let’s see behind what today’s sophisticated CRM & Marketing Automation software can do, to what is happening in practice in businesses like yours. (more…)