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Interim results of our data leaders’ Technology Stack poll

Technology Stack poll

Many thanks to all those who participated in our Technology Stack poll for data leaders. In that single question survey, we asked which elements in the technology stack data leaders need to understand. Now we have some interim results to share.

As explained more fully with that poll, our interest is in which technology data leaders need to understand sufficiently to make informed decisions. So, we are not encouraging micromanagement or hands-on involvement. What we are interested in is the technology that is so important that selection decisions should involve the data leader.

Since then, Tony Boobier has challenged us to be clear what we mean by the term data leader. For this poll, I’m assuming it is what Tony would call ‘data leaders‘ not ‘data-driven leaders‘. Francesco Corea has also joined the debate with his advice on how to make technology stack selections. I hope that advice helps you if you are nudged by the results below, e.g. to focus on an overlooked element.


Which technology stack options do data leaders need to understand?

technology stack

This month we turn our attention to technology stack options. Which potential parts of the diverse ecosystem of technology options do data & analytics leaders need to understand?

This question was prompted in my mind by a conversation I had recently with Harry Wilkes. On podcast episode 17, Harry and I discussed a number of the skills & knowledge needed by analysts and their leaders. How much did data & analytics leaders need to understand the technology their team used (or could be using)?

I’ve posed that question to our panel of guest bloggers, so it will be interesting to see what they come back with. Will they question the need for the leaders to understand the technology at all? Will they have a passionate view on certain technology pieces of the puzzle?


Results of our Reader Survey, thanks for sharing your feedback

your feedback

Thanks to those who participated in our 2020 reader survey, sharing your feedback on our content.

The goal of this blog is to help you develop as a leader. Enabling you to better develop your vision, team & to make a greater difference in your business.

To achieve that, I seek to share a blend of content. From more technical content keeping pace with the latest developments to timeless leadership wisdom. Together with recommending books & events to help along the way.


How are we doing at meeting your need? Time for the 2020 Reader Survey

2020 reader survey

As a blog focussed on gaining insight into your customers, it’s time for our 2020 Reader Survey. How well is this blog serving you, our customers?

I’ve shared previously the results from our 2018 & 2017 reader surveys. The key themes from both of those have helped shape both the content of this blog & the proportion of guest bloggers.

It may now be time to reassess the content of most relevant for our audience. It may be time for a site redesign to catch-up with more modern aesthetics. However, it might also serve you best to continue as we are.


How you judge your progress and resources for your 2019 ambitions

Thanks to all those readers who participated in our latest poll, of your progress last year. Initial results are in, so let me share them with you all.

It has been fascinating to review your answers, especially compared to the results from last year. It seems there have been some changes.

The questions asked in this survey were selected to shed light on actual practice compared to advice shared on this site. For that reason, in each section I will share the results of our survey and also related posts that should be of interest.


Checking in on how you ‘ran your race’ last year, a poll to reflect on your goals

poll to reflect one your goals

Following a month focussed on goal setting & different methods for reviewing your progress, its time for a poll to reflect on your goals.

I hope our posts on different approaches to reviewing your progress have helped. Did you find a method that suited you better? As a reminder, our advice has included:

But, before finalising your new goals & plans for 2019, have you taken time to learn from 2018? Have you reviewed how you did, against last year’s goals & why?


Poll interim results on which book helped you develop as a leader

results on which book helped

Many thanks to all off you, who participated in our latest poll. Here are the initial results on which book helped you develop as a leader.

It has been fascinating (and a little sobering) to see so many visitor recommended books. Only 3 of the books I’ve previously reviewed for this blog, received any votes. In the shortlist below, those are “Leadership Pipeline“, “The Leaders Guide to Storytelling” and “7 Habits of Highly Effective Leaders“.

The good news is this has opened my eyes to more great books. Woo hoo! If you voted for one of those, I’d love to receive a book review from you. Either way, they are being added to my reading list, so thanks for sharing your recommendation. (more…)