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CyberCrime risks aren’t just for the Big Boys

iStock photoThis week I’ve been worried by the risks of cybercrime for even small businesses.

Two articles highlighted the danger of cybercrime & importance of customer data protection for SMEs.

These struck me as a stark reminder that these data security concerns are a topic of relevance to much smaller businesses than the large corporates usually covered by media stories of the latest data breach. (more…)

Data Scientists need a better infographic

Given my past post around an infographic shared by (hybrid marketer), I have to comment on this new infographic being shared by

At first glance there is much to praise here compared to summaries others have published.

Too many either confuse the specialist nature of a data scientist role with a marketing or customer insight analyst, or neglect the fact that even these geeks need softer skills. On that latter point, I’m pleased to see the importance given to communication & visualisation, which we’ve mentioned before are critical skills for influence. Here it is in full: (more…)

How would you summarise the latest Budget?

iStock photoUK Budget Day is an opportunity for a wide range of media outlets and financial firms to practice their communication skills. Rabbits can be pulled out of hats, treats given away, burdens imposed and lives changed; all in 2 hours.

Despite the level of advance leaking these days, none of these businesses knows the content for sure until the Chancellor stands up & starts speaking. However, some changes announced in the budget can take force immediately or from the next day, whilst others can be impact businesses/personal finances so much they need as much time as possible to prepare.

For all these reasons the pressure is on to understand, to interpret  implications, to distill & to communicate as quickly as possible. (more…)

Keeping up to date with Research developments

researchDespite training on the full breadth of Holistic Customer Insight, I’m finding that one of my most receptive audiences are research teams.

These fine folk seem particularly keen to catch-up with latest best practice and master using their research in collaboration with analytics & data developments.

So, in response to such a warm welcome & keen learners, today’s post is dedicated to sharing news on research practice.

Here I share three  ideas & concerns raised by three different sources for staying up-to-date on research methods. Quirks Magazine, GreenBook Blog and  Marketing Experiments Blog are all sources that  I’ve found helpful to follow. So, let’s share one update from each. (more…)

Improving the impact of your insights with visualisation

iStockBrowsing online recently, I’ve come across a number of useful resources to improve your visualisations. We’ve published before on the benefit of Edward Tufte’s data visualisation rules. As well as guidelines, it’s useful to have the right tools for the job.

Once your expectations rise above the constraints of MS Office graphing options, it can be daunting to find a tool to help your analysts.

Hopefully these few examples help complement our recommended lists of blogs, tweeters & books to develop your data visualisation knowledge


Will you die in the next 5 years?

Feet on a morgue tableOnce in a while, a piece of public research captures the imagination, resulting in  positive interest and social media buzz.

Such is the case with the UK Longevity Explorer created by a Swedish team at Ubble.

Knowing how to the engage the press, the results of their research are also nicknamed the “death test“. Having previously shared on the dangers of public research, it is pleasing to have a positive & fascinating example to review.

Whilst not the first test into UK life expectancy, or likelihood of death in next 5 years, these researchers claim it is the most scientifically rigorous. It is encouraging to see that their approach echoes much of the best practice recommended by this site: (more…)