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How to acquire customers? Burning media cash isn’t the answer!

to acquire customers

Continuing our theme of applying analytics, following Annette’s focus on CX, what about how to acquire customers?

After Customer Experience (CX), Marketing is perhaps the most popular business area for applying analytics. However, as we have shared before, measuring the effectiveness of your marketing has become more complex.

So, how should analytics or insight leaders help Marketing teams to acquire new customers? Well, to help us explore that topic, I am delighted to welcome a new guest blogger, Peter Abraham. Peter works with Ben Salmon, one of our regular guest bloggers, at the delightfully named agency We Are Crank. He is also author of Building the Agile Business Through Digital Transformation. (more…)

Prescriptive Analytics and why it matters for improved CX

prescriptive analytics

Returning to the theme of applications of analytics, I’m delighted to shift our focus to prescriptive analytics.

Whether you recall the heydays of CRM & Next Best Action rules/models, or are coming to this topic afresh as an analyst, the demand for a direction is growing. Businesses & leaders need to make the right decision & take action, not just focus on the past.

For that reason, to kick of our focus on applications of analytics, I’m delighted to welcome back regular guest blogger, Annette Franz. In this post she shares why CX leaders need prescriptive analytics in their toolbox. (more…)

How do you stay calm as a leader? Yoga & Mindfulness apps

yoga & mindfulness

As we share apps that leaders find useful, I’ve been reminded of the benefits of yoga & mindfulness. Both have enabled me to achieve more as an entrepreneur.

Leader’s days can all too often be stressful and draining. Long working days, with poor posture (unless you benefit from a standing desk) can leave leader’s bodies suffering. This is especially true when your workload limits means you struggle to find time to exercise. (more…)

Apps I keep using, a leader’s view on 3 standing the test of time

apps i keep using

More apps in this post, continuing our theme with a different leader’s “apps I keep using“.

Whether researching cars or holiday locations, it’s always useful to hear from experienced users. Once the lure of the ‘sexy demo‘ has worn off, how well does the item live up to its promise.

So, as part of our new series focussing on apps that leaders find useful, I’m pleased to welcome back guest blogger Tony Boobier. In response to my challenge, he has come back with 3 apps that he has kept using. I hope you find Tony’s considered opinion useful… (more…)

How to determine the right metrics for innovation, using 5 questions

right metrics for innovation

Continuing our conversation about lessons learnt by leaders, here is one about choosing the right metrics for innovation.

It was good to recently reconnect with past guest blogger, Paul Carroll. As you may recall he runs the very useful hub called Insurance Thought Leadership. Anyway, I mentioned to him our recent theme on this blog. Our focus on lessons leaders have learned from experience.

Paul suggested this guest blog post from Amy Radin. Amy has extensive experience working in and advising Financial Services’ boards. So, it’s great to have the benefit of her experience. (more…)

Lessons learnt by leaders, from experience, 3 reasons to read more widely

read more widely

As we continue our month focussed on lessons learnt by leaders, from experience, I’ve found 3 reasons to read more widely.

Thanks for guest bloggers, Tony Boobier & Annette Franz who has already shared their lessons learnt. In addition to that, you’ve had opportunity to hear about the experience of Norma Dove-Edwin, Martin Squires and Jason Bartram in our audio interviews. More of them to come this year.

Having already shared by personal lesson learned, regarding protecting some of your technical stars from performance management, this time I’ve collated lessons from other blogs. In this post, I share 3 posts from other blogs that I believe evidence important lessons learnt. In line with the title of this post they are deliberately diverse, as I hope they encourage you to read more widely. (more…)