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Setting goals is so 2018, what would be better for 2019?

setting goals is so 2018

In these unstable times, is the process of setting goals so 2018? Does 2019 require fresh thinking & a more flexible approach?

That is the provocative assertion made by returning guest blogger Tony Boobier. Having previously advised how to survive a performance management culture, he is now overtly digging the tunnel.

Let’s find out if Tony is just being reactionary or has an important point to make. Suspend your disbelief and hear him out (or perhaps you’re already convinced, in which case you’ll love this)…   


9 pitfalls for managers to avoid when agreeing 2019 KPIs


As we all start working towards our goals & targets for the year, what defines a good KPI? Guest blogger, Hanne Sorteberg returns to answer that question. She also helpfully shares 9 pitfalls to avoid.

So whether you are an Analytics leaders setting KPIs for your team, or influencing other teams, this is for you. Hanne shares her experience and advice on how to get these priority metrics right.

Over to Hanne…


2019 trends for Customer Insight & Analytics leaders

2019 trends

Happy New Year to all our readers, let’s kick off the year by reviewing likely 2019 trends.

Beyond the inflated optimism that surrounds the start of a year, which trends are worth watching? Which are more than the analytics or tech equivalent of new year’s resolutions.

Well, this is only a subjective collection, based on my experience. However, each of these changes has been gathering momentum. Development has been happening for years and it now looks like real progress & relevance is likely in 2019. (more…)

Festive Data Visualisation and other data analytics fun for you

Festive data visualisation

It’s time again, for festive data visualisation and analytics.

As Jesus’ big day approaches, I’m finding it increasingly tough to stay serious. I’m sure there have been outbreaks of fun in your office too.

So, to complement the season of cute school concerts and gossip inducing office parties, here is my trawl of festive fun. I’ve focussed on topics close to the heart of this blog, including data visualisation, analytics & GDPR.


How 15Five used Employee Insight to guide new software innovation

employee insight

This post shares how a software has been developed in response to extensive employee insight.

We have shared before how crucial employee engagement & motivation are to achieving CX goals. The opportunity for HR Analytics also needs to be guided by a good understanding of what matters to your teams.

So, I was delighted to be approached by David Mizne, editor of award-winning 15Five blog. Having seen our focus on insight, he shared this guest post with me. I could see the relevance of their research findings to many leaders, so am happy to publish this. (more…)

Machine Learning ethics (2) can you design ethical behaviours?

Machine Learning Ethics

Continuing our series of two posts on the topic of Machine Learning Ethics.

In part two of his series on this topic, guest blogger Francesco Corea, moves on to consider moral accountability. How might an accountability, to act in an ethical way, be codified into algorithms or complete machine learning products?

Drawing on sources as diverse as the World Economic Forum & MIT Technology Review, Francesco guides us through some of the issues. he is pragmatic about where there are not yet easy answers, but also helps us to consider the challenge of liability. (more…)