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AI ethics (1) Machine Ethics and Artificial Moral Agents

AI ethics

Time for us to consider AI ethics, not just AI developments.

Continuing our focus on themes that emerged at recent Data Leaders Summit, let us consider the AI ethics problems posed by this developing capability.

This builds upon our recent post about the emergence of Product Manager roles within Data Science teams. Another key theme at that event, was the need for Data & AI Ethics. A debate on this at the close of the summit could have run for much longer. (more…)

What is the customer reaction to GDPR telling us about our data culture?

data culture

It’s been several months now since we’ve talked about GDPR, so has it changed your data culture?

Having previously shared 2 blog posts on “how to avoid being bitten on the bum by GDPR“. We also shared posts on a GDPR toolkit & final priorities when nearing the deadline.

In the run up to GDPR, I helped a few firms understand and audit their GDPR readiness. So, 6 months later feels like sufficient time to assess the impact of initial compliance. How has consumer behaviour changed & what does this reveal about businesses data culture? (more…)

Do you need a Data Science Product Manager in your team?

Product Manager

I mentioned in a debrief from the latest Data Leaders Summit, the rise of the Product Manager role within Data Science teams.

This was one of a couple of themes that took me by surprise. Over recent years I’ve become used to hearing about need for more Data Engineers or Analysts to complement Data Scientists. But the focus on Product Managers & product development life-cycles was a new one on me.

However, this was not an isolated incident from only a speaker or two. Both in presentation & personal conversations, many leaders confirmed that had Product Manager roles. So, what is going on? (more…)

AI misdescription and real world applications from Asia

AI misdescription

In between blogging, from the two events I recommended, let’s return to the challenge of AI misdescription.

As I shared in my review of Tony Boobier’s new book, he calls out the problem of mis-labelled AI. That is analytics or even BI applications being called AI, mainly because it is fashionable.

Below, Tony returns as a guest blogger, to not only confirm that this is still the case, but also call out some genuine AI applications. As a globetrotter, who have previously reported for us from Vegas & Chile, Tony has had the opportunity to see first hand AI applications around the world. (more…)

Avoiding wrong statistics, measure what matters to customers (part 2)

matters to customers

This is part 2 of Gerry Brown’s series on baseball, I mean why you need to measure what matters to customers.

As we heard in part 1, it is all too easy to go with crowd and just measure what others businesses value (you can decide if that’s NPS).

Gerry’s advice builds on our month of advice about applying analytics. Annette Franz shared why predictive analytics matters for CX leaders. Peter Abraham shared why better measurement of marketing effectiveness needs to precede┬ámedia spend. (more…)

Lies, damn lies & the wrong statistics, measuring what matters, part 1

wrong statistics

Building on this month’s focus, the reality of applying analytics in businesses, let’s tackle the issue of the wrong statistics.

False comfort can be achieved by completing analysis or implementing metrics that look useful but are misleading. In the field of CX especially, you need to be careful what you measure.

So, on this topic I am delighted to welcome back guest blogger Gerry Brown. He has extensive hands on experience of improving customer experiences. We’ve heard from Gerry before on Big Data, the benefits of personalisation & at the Royal Albert Hall. (more…)

How to acquire customers? Burning media cash isn’t the answer!

to acquire customers

Continuing our theme of applying analytics, following Annette’s focus on CX, what about how to acquire customers?

After Customer Experience (CX), Marketing is perhaps the most popular business area for applying analytics. However, as we have shared before, measuring the effectiveness of your marketing has become more complex.

So, how should analytics or insight leaders help Marketing teams to acquire new customers? Well, to help us explore that topic, I am delighted to welcome a new guest blogger, Peter Abraham. Peter works with Ben Salmon, one of our regular guest bloggers, at the delightfully named agency We Are Crank. He is also author of Building the Agile Business Through Digital Transformation. (more…)