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Values-based Leaders need to Show not just Say how they are different

show not just say

Continuing our investigation of Value Based Leadership, why is it important for leaders to show not just say?

With so many waves of different fads in leadership theory, it is no wonder that most people in most businesses are skeptical. Let’s be honest, they’ve heard great things about CRM, Data-Led, Customer-Centric & Innovation. Yet they too often look around and little appears to have changed.

That is why I totally agree with a plea from guest blogger, Annette Franz, that today’s leaders need to show not just say. Otherwise Values Based Leadership will be discredited as yet another passing fashion.


Stop focussing on Doing and start Being the leader you need to be


To continue our focus on Values-Based Leadership, let’s turn our attention to the difference between Doing & Being.

Is that just a philosophical question or would you act differently as a leader if you focus on being rather than doing? I know from my own experience of coaching leaders that this can be a meaningful journey of growing competence.

So, to explain the difference and its relevance to you as a leader, please welcome back guest blogger Kevin Watson. You may recall that Kevin is an experienced leadership coach. He has shared with us before on topics including Team Mission & Managing Virtual Teams.


Trust, is it the most important value sought by businesses?


Trust. It sounds so simple & obvious, doesn’t it? However, those who have studied the topic (either in relation to business or consumer trust) know it is not a simple on/off switch.

So, as we look deeper into the whole area of values-based leadership, let’s kick off by focussing on trust.

To inform our thinking on this topic, I am delighted to welcome back guest blogger Peter Lavers & Mark Hollyoake. You may recall that Peter has shared with us before on topics including B2B branding and GDPR.


3 more barriers to achieving useful Customer Value Analysis (CVA)


Continuing our two-part series on CVA. How can you achieve an analysis that is acted upon?

Guest blogger Paul Weston returns to share the final 3 barriers to identify & overcome. This series follows on from the 3 posts he shared with us on how to improve your Data Quality Reporting.

Now back to the theme of Customer Value Analysis or CVA. Beyond what Paul shared in his first post, what are the next 3 barriers to breakthrough?


Six barriers to delivering meaningful Customer Value Analysis (part 1)

Customer Value Analysis

Before we rest for Christmas, there is just time for some added value from this blog with advice on Customer Value Analysis.

Given the interest in our recent series of posts on execution and delivery, I was delighted to be recontacted by guest blogger Paul Weston.

You may recall that Paul shared with us before on the topic of Data Quality Reporting. That series of 3 posts have proved a popular perennial for those seeking practical advice to improve their data quality & their measurement.


Festive fun with Poinsettias, Algorithms and who they are named after

Let’s take a break from all this learning about Data Visualisation & AgilePM. It’s time for some light-hearted festive fun (with Poinsettias).

I put out that challenge to our growing community of guest bloggers & Tony Boobier was first to pick up the gauntlet.

You may recall that following a career in Insurance Technology, Tony now writes, speaks & mentors leaders. He has shared with us before on the topics of Goal setting, AI misdescription and tailored training.


Bringing it to life, from blue sky ambition to operational execution

bringing to life

Closing off our series focussed on delivery & execution, in this post we focus on bringing it to life.

By that we mean how to move from inspiring strategy to practical execution. How to bridge what is all too often a chasm between fine theory & messy reality.

To guide us we need a fearless pragmatist, so I’m delighted to welcome back the author of When a Customer Wins Nobody Loses. Gerry Brown is Chief Customer Rescue Officer at The Customer Lifeguard & has shared his CX wisdom with us in several past posts.