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Times like these call for “Extra” Ordinary Leadership – focus on people

"extra" ordinary leadership

Continuing our focus on remote working, let’s consider the “extra” ordinary leadership that’s needed right now.

To build on my first post (that began to consider personal well being), I’m conscious that many readers of this blog are leaders. So, rightly, your concern is not just personal productivity but how to help your team.

Given his experience in working this way (as shared in our podcast interview), I’m glad to welcome back guest blogger William Buist. He has shared with us before on the need for collaboration, managing external change and effective planning.


Marketers working from home, how to survive it, part 2

marketers working from home

Continuing our welcomed focus on how to adapt to recent changes, here is part 2 of our series on marketers working from home (and others).

To be fair, this set of tips from guest blogger, Simon Daniels, applies as much to any leader and indeed everyone else. Building on the 4 tips that Simon shared with us in part 1, he now shares 3 more to help you practically adjust.

Having spent most of today in 9 different video conference meeting, I’m conscious of the need for everyone to be suitably equipped. So, I will also be sharing some technology advice in a coming post. Plus, guest blogger William Buist will return to share tips for leaders working to maintain team morale.


A Marketing leader’s perspective on how to work from home (4 tips to help)

How to work from home

Thanks to everyone who has responded positively to my new focus on how to work from home. It’s always encouraging to hear when content helps you.

Taking a break from my multi-part series sharing advice, after 6 years of working from home, I’m pleased to bring more experienced voices into this conversation. Simon Daniels is a Marketing Ops & Technology leader, with many years of experience in consulting & marketing leadership roles.

Loyal readers will remember that Simon has blogged before for us on how to avoid being misled by shiny new MarTech solutions. So, I am delighted to welcome back Simon to share (over two posts) his seven tips to work better from home. Over to Simon…


Data visualisation and the bigger picture of visualising other types of data

Returning to the theme of data visualisation, which was so well presented at #datavizlive, let’s consider visualising other types of data.

Why would you want to do that? Well to share his thoughts on that topic let’s welcome back one of our regular contrarian voices.

Guest blogger Tony Boobier is an author, commentator & mentor, since his days advising insurance firms whilst an IBM executive. He’s shared with us before on topics as diverse as discernment, loneliness & the end of your leadership career. Now lets’s hear his view on Data Viz.


19 signs that your customers are just not that into you

not that into you

As we all want to avoid the pain of unrequited love, this Valentine’s Day can you spot the signs that your customers are not that into you?

Spotting relationships that are not working is another key aspect of being a more discerning leader. So, for this topical relational content, I’m delighted to welcome back guest blogger, Annette Franz.

Annette is a CX coach, international speaker & author. She has previously shared with us on how to get action on your insights, develop leaders & make progress towards a data-led business.


Why we need to be more discerning as people & leaders


This month, we turn to the topic of being more discerning. Several pieces of recent content have prompted this theme.

In “Digital Minimalism“, Cal Newport encouraged us to be more discerning in our use of time & focus. In “How Charts Lie“, Alberto Cairo encouraged us to be more discerning when reading & sharing Data Visualisations.

So, is that easier or harder to do these days? Why should it matter for us as leaders and in our wider lives? To help kick us off in thinking about this topic, I’m pleased to welcome back guest blogger Tony Boobier.


14 Leadership principles that drive Amazon to be Customer-Centric


I suspect Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, will be a controversial choice as a Values-Based Leader. But here’s a post sharing how Amazon demonstrates Customer-Centric values.

To provide such a perspective on Values-Based Leadership, I’m delighted to welcome back guest blogger Ian Golding. Rather than focus on some of the more controversial People Management practices, here’s Ian’s take on Amazon as a CX leader.

You may recall that Ian is an internationally recognised CX author, speaker & consultant. He has shared with us previously on the vital need for accountability.