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Challenging the Narrative with 2018 Welsh Coaching Conference

Challenging the Narrative

I had the pleasure of attending an event with the theme of “Challenging the Narrative“. One of my favourite annual events, the 2018 Welsh Coaching Conference.

Chaired once again, by the irrepressible Dave Tee, this event continues to go from strength to strength. Dave’s passion & commitment is no doubt one of the reasons for that, together with the great team at USW Commercial.

My previous blog reports have covered the 2015 & 2016 events. (more…)

Real-Time Analytics – what a conversation starter

Real-Time AnalyticsFollowing on from a great conversation last year, I was again asked to chair a table at the 2018 DataIQ “Discussion”.

Instead of Customer Insight as a topic, on which I debriefed a year ago, this time the topic for my table was “Real-time Analytics”.

It was encouraging to again see a good attendance from Data & Insight leaders, across many sectors. That was particularly impressive this year, as this event took place on 28 Feb. This was when ‘The Beast from The East‘ was really beginning to freeze the UK.

So, special praise to all who battled the snow & ice to talk about analytics. It was also great to see such a buzz amongst attendees & recognise many familiar faces. Data & analytics leaders, working in the UK, really are beginning to feel like an active community. (more…)

Alan Turing Institute annual lecture – Better Living through Trusted Data

Alan Turing Institute annual lectureWhen Harry Powell shared, that he was planning to attend this year’s Alan Turing Institute annual lecture, I naturally asked him to blog for us.

Harry is a very experienced Data Science leader, having created & led Data Science teams at several businesses, including Barclays. So, I was interested to learn more about his interest in a lecture from Prof. Sandy Pentland of MIT.

As someone with a background in R&D, MIT is one of those institutions you learn to admire & listen out for, as a source of innovation. But the planned lecture, on the topic of “Better Living through Trusted Data” was also engaging. I’ve shared before on the importance of ethical dilemmas for Data Scientists, especially those who want to achieve social good through their work. (more…)

GDPR requires data quality, sharing survey results in the home of hampers

GDPR requires data quality

Amidst all the focus on GDPR, it’s easy to forget that GDPR requires data quality. Over a Fortnum & Mason’s breakfast, I had the chance to discuss this neglected aspect.

So much of the social media buzz around GDPR focusses on contentious topics like when you need opt-in consent. Individuals rights to opt out of profiling, be forgotten & Privacy by Design, all these GDPR topics have had their limelight.

But, ironically, in all this talk of data regulation, there is a risk that data quality is being overlooked.

Because of that risk, I’ve been delighted to partner with MyCustomer & Royal Mail Data Services (RMDS), at breakfast briefings. Over the last four years, RMDS has been surveying around 300 marketing leaders across sectors within the UK.

The results give an interesting insight into their goals, challenges and the role data plays. (more…)

How to go about communicating GDPR, with accountants over breakfast

communicating GDPR

This week, I had the pleasure of communicating GDPR to over 30 accountants, over breakfast.

Now, I recognise that might sound like a potential snooze-fest, particularly after a good breakfast. In fact, it was a really enjoyable event. One, all involved, said had really helped them. Which is great feedback to hear as a speaker (phew!) I was perhaps helped by grey weather outside, but the view (in photo shown) from SushiSamba in Heron Tower, was still pretty good.

Partnering with PracticeWeb, I had the challenge of summarising GDPR into a 45 minutes breakfast briefing.

The potential to understand the impact on your firm certainly appealed, as over 30 guests joined us.

Those of you who have read my previous posts on GDPR will know that there are many impacts to consider. Avoiding a nasty surprise, means thinking broader, than just the “opt-in consent verses legitimate interest” debate. In this talk I provided a high-level overview, of my training on GDPR. So, I’ll share highlights of my talk, in the hope that it helps you too. (more…)

How to go ‘all in’, with a Data Science or Analytics bet for your business

all inHow big a bet are you making on Data Science, are you going ‘all in’?

With any event as rich in content at Data Insight Leader Summit, its useful to also hear others ‘takeaways’.

So, to supplement my own insights from this conference, I’m delighted to welcome new guest blogger, Hanne Sorteberg.

Hanne is BI Manager for SpareBank1 Forsikring, an alliance of savings banks in Norway (together Norway’s 2nd biggest bank).

I’m grateful to her for recording so many useful reflections on lessons highlighted by this event.They should also be a useful guide to anyone new to  Data Science or Analytics to improve their business. Over to Hanne to provide a useful overview, of using analytics, so you don’t have to go ‘all in’ without knowing the risks… (more…)

How FinTech meets CX and needs Insight in 2017

FinTech meets CX

Another week, another event, this time a FinTech meets CX conference.

We’ve shared before that growth hacking, or your future growth plans, need insight & CX leaders, as well as technologists. This event provides an opportunity to bring together all three communities.

For the first time in 2016, FinTechNetwork brought together start-ups & incumbents, to focus on Customer Experience.

This year, again this is a gathering of those interested in not just technology, but also customers. Discussing ways to innovate and transform experiences for customers, whilst generating a profit. (more…)