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Happy New Decade to you, here is our focus for 2020, what will be yours?


A very happy new year to you & indeed a new decade. How do you plan to start the 2020s? Have you taken time to be mindful about your priorities?

Having spent some time reflecting over an enjoyable Christmas & New Year break, here are some of my thoughts for this blog.

It has been a delight to see our readership grow over the last 4 years and I’m conscious we now have a more diverse readership than ever before. For that reason, I will seek to keep our content a mixture of both entry-level and more advanced topics.


More great Data Visualisation examples from this years awards

data visualisation examples

Let’s look at 3 more great examples of Data Visualisation award winners from the latest Information is Beautiful awards.

As I mentioned in my first post reviewing this event, this is a great opportunity to be inspired in your own practice. For creative examples and elements of winning Data Visualisations to inspire improvements to your own charts. As I advice on my Data Viz training, you hone your craft by creative experimentation & testing.

In our first post on this event, I shared examples from the following categories:


2019 Data Visualisation Award Winners my 1st pick of examples to help you

2019 Data Visualisation

One of the traditions on this blog is an annual review of Data Visualisation Award Winners.

Since 2015, I have shared blog posts reviewing my pick from Data Viz award winners in 2016, 2017 & 2018. There are a growing number of Data Visualisation contests these days, but I am still a fan of the Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards.

These awards were kicked off by David McCandless in 2012, himself a Data Viz expert well worth following., in partnership with the Creative Director of Kantar. The combination of expert judges and public votes also help protect the quality & relevance of the winners chosen.


How to help a non-technical audience understand their readiness for Data Science

non technical

Last week I had the pleasure of working with the University of South Wales (USW) to help non-technical people understand Data Science.

More specifically, I was running a Masterclass entitled “Everyday Data Science“. The brief was to demystify this topic for a diverse audience. It was clearly popular as it drew a good crowd.

The delegates who attended my Masterclass varied from data analysts to directors. However, most worked in some branch of public sector services.


Human dimensions in coaching at Welsh Coaching Conference 2019

Human dimensions

Do you focus sufficiently on human dimensions when coaching?

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of delivering a Masterclass at the largest Coaching Conference in Europe. In that, we focussed on making effective use of video conferencing in coaching, but more about that later.

You may be surprised to hear, that the event is the Welsh Coaching Conference. Now in its sixth incarnation, this 2019 event was widely rated as the best yet.


Great show & tell from Welsh Data Science Graduate programme

Welsh Data Science Graduate programme

Last week I had the privilege of hearing the stories of Welsh Data Science Graduate Programme members. These were tales of their first industrial placements.

I’ve shared previously the news that Laughlin Consultancy is collaborating with the University of South Wales to support their new Welsh Data Science Graduate programme. That gave me the opportunity to attend this very encouraging ‘show and tell‘ time.

Each of 13 students presented to an audience of their peers, employers & academics. We were treated to brief summaries of what they have achieved on their first industrial placement. It was truly impressive to hear what they have done in only a few months. (more…)

A very Happy Christmas to all our readers, plus our Top Ten from 2018

Merry Christmas 2018

Merry Christmas, readers! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas time, with your family & friends. I also wish you a very Happy New Year, when 2019 finally arrives.

Over the festive holiday, we will be taking our own advice & benefitting from a complete break. So there will be no more new blog posts until after 2nd Jan 2019.

In the meantime, you might like to catch up on any key posts you missed. These are our most popular (Top Ten) posts for 2018. (more…)