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The future of AI and your working life – start planning

future of AI

The future of AI & threat to our jobs is a popular topic for news recently. But here is a positively helpful book to help you respond.

Unlike so much that is written on this topic, Tony Boobier‘s latest book focusses on a positive response. It also investigates the implications of AI at a deeper level than most analysis.

Whilst many books have been written that focus on explaining AI, or focussing on the technology, this book focuses on jobs. Tony includes extensive research and careful analysis. He takes us through most sectors, to understand opportunities & threats. (more…)

3 recommended podcasts to find your next favourite book

your next favourite book

Given the interest in our post on note taking when reading, I’ll now explore podcasts to help you find your next favourite book.

During reviewing 7 Habits of highly effective people, I recommended not overlooking classics. Leadership books that have stood the test of time.

That advice still stands, but should not preclude also keeping a weather eye on new writers or books. To help you address contemporary issues, or just feel like the author is speaking to your situation, new books can help. Not least when reflecting on the latest technological or organisational challenges. (more…)

What really goes on, behind closed doors, with an executive coach?

behind closed doors

In this book review, my focus moves to the world of coaching and what goes on behind closed doors.

The title, “Behind Closed Doors: Stories from the Coaching Room“, is one that never fails to elicit a snigger from my wife. I admit it does sound a bit like a salacious expose into locker-room shenanigans.

In reality, this is a very helpful book for coaches, whatever their level of experience and whether internal or external. Within 286 pages (excluding appendices), Erik de Haan shares 15 of the highest-ranking dissertations from graduates of Ashridge’s MSc in Executive Coaching. (more…)

How to read, to remember, the benefits of note taking

Having shared so many book reviews lately, my thoughts have turned to how to read better.

I’m not talking about the basic mechanics of being able to read the English language. Nor about the common goal, of being able to “speed read“, so you can achieve reading more books in less time.

More in line with our past focus on quality, I’m thinking about reading to understand and remember. I don’t know about you, but too often I look back on a book that I’ve read and can remember little of what was in it. Is that really increasing my knowledge or insight? (more…)

The Goal, a story of constraints and balance, for today’s leaders

The Goal

This book review, of “The Goal“, by Eliyahu Goldratt, demonstrates the role of fiction in business.

As we continue to focus on books, that will aid your personal development, you might have assumed we would stay on the “Non-Fiction” shelves. However, in this fascinating book review, guest blogger Hanne Sorteberg, introduces us to a novel.

It’s good to welcome Hanne back. You may recall her previous posts, on Data Science, and Role Definition Workshops. (more…)

Weology part 2 – how to go about changing culture to We

changing culture

Let’s return to Weology and the challenges the author, Peter Aceto, faced in changing culture.

It has been great to hear that many of you have found our month focussed on books to be helpful & are reading more. A number of our regular guest bloggers have been joining you, so expect more book review blog posts to extend beyond this month.

As Michael Hyatt is fond of saying, “a crisis in Leadership is also a crisis in Readership“, so why not protect some of these long summer days to read a new book? (more…)