Continuing our series of audio interviews with customer insight leaders, this time it was Sameer Rahman.

Sameer is the Director of Data Science at the agency EDIT. After a background in IT, risk modelling & marketing, Sameer has deliberately forged a leadership career. He describes himself as having “his head in data & his heart in marketing“. Both shone through as we talked.

This interview provides a useful complement to the client-side leader interviews we have published previously. Giving us insights into the skills, challenges & priorities for agency-side leaders. Sameer is also the Chairman of the CIM in Wales, so we touched on the role of that professional body in educating marketers.

During our conversation we touch on a number of topics that have been of concern to readers. From how to develop your career, to technical skills and trends to watch as you keep up with new developments.

Sameer clearly has a passion to build bridges between business & analytics teams. We focused on how Marketing leaders can bridge this gap and the role that the CIM is playing in updating it’s professional development.

That ‘one book’ to learn predictive modelling for Marketing

Having previously recommended Sameer’s latest book, it would have been rude not to talk about that with the author. So, we talked about the purpose of that book and who can help. Well worth reading if you are an analyst who needs to learn how to build such models, or a marketing leader needing more accurate targeting.

As Sameer mentions, his book “Applied Predictive Modelling for Direct Marketing” is available in 2 versions. For those using SAS and those using R to encode their predictive models. We discussed how accessible this book is – so worth taking a look.

The audio interview with Sameer Rahman

20.07.18 – Glamorgan Cricket –
Interview with Sameer Rahman

Once again, many thanks to Sameer for that useful conversation. Lots of tips in that one for analytics & marketing leaders. I particularly liked Sameer’s emphasis on the need for analysts to develop their domain/commercial knowledge, whilst also working across sectors.

What did you take away from all that Sameer shared with us? Have you been able to identify anything you will do differently as a result?

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Audio interviews with other Customer Insight Leaders

If you are currently working as a senior customer insight leader, with data, analytics or research leadership role, would you be our next candidate? I am interested in interviewing senior leaders and hearing any wisdom they have to share, on the challenges faced by insight leaders today. Please contact me directly, if you’d be interested in participating.