Time for another of our audio interviews with Customer Insight Leaders, this time it’s Elsbeth Kottelenberg.

This is another good conversation with a leader, in a different sector again. UBM is a global events company, with Elsbeth supporting Pharma events around the world. She also differs from previous interviewees through her background in qualitative research.

During this interview we discussed her career to date, some segmentation projects within UBM, the challenges of retaining analysts & evidencing ROI. It was interesting to hear from a leader who not only has market research experience but is managing data analysts. That prompted us to talk about the convergence of analytics & research, as we’ve shared before.

Elsbeth usefully shared some of the considerations when building a B2B market segmentation. I hope you also find it helpful to hear her honest answers about the challenges of retaining good analysts & evidencing the ROI to be attributed to strategic research or analytics work. Plenty of food for thought for many insight managers,

Many thanks to Elsbeth for her time & candour. Having worked with Elsbeth and others at UBM, it was encouraging to hear the progress she has made and the demand within UBM for her team’s insights. Plus, the importance of converging evidence from market & competitor intelligence, another important source for insight generation, as we have shared previously.

So, without further ado, here is the recording of this interview. Grab a coffee & settle down in a comfy seat, to learn how a Customer Research leader can best lead her analysts…

Audio interviews with Customer Insight Leaders: (5) Elsbeth Kottelenberg (UBM plc)

Elsbeth Kottelenberg

Once again, thanks to Elsbeth for that very enjoyable conversation.

What did you take away from all that Elsbeth shared with us? Do you recognise similar recruitment or ROI measurement challenges?

Perhaps like her, you need to develop the analytics skills of your team. If so, I hope some of the resources we have shared previously help you. Do let me know if there are other topics you would like this blog to cover.

If you are currently working as a senior customer insight leader, with data, analytics or research leadership role, would you be our next candidate? I am interested in interviewing senior leaders and hearing any wisdom they have to share, on the challenges faced by insight leaders today.

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