This interview with Norma Dove-Edwin is now published on our new podcast:

Episode 7 – Norma Dove-Edwin (Places for People) by Customer Insight Leader podcast

This seventh episode is another from the archives (recorded for our blog back in 2018 and still worth sharing). Paul Laughlin interviews Norma Dove-Edwin who is still the Chief Data & Information Office (CDIO) for Places for People Group Ltd.

I am delighted, to be joined in this episode by Norma Dove-Edwin. She is the CDIO (more about that title in our interview) of Places for People Group.

What we discussed in this conversation

In this interview, we discuss job titles, the role of a CDO (or CDIO), GDPR and her experience of achieving compliance. Following on from our series of blog content & GDPR related resources, I’m sure you will find this interview a useful real-world example of where to focus.

Many thanks to Norma for her candour & eloquence, in sharing practical lessons for all this facing the many challenges of CDO or CIO roles.

What did you learn from Norma Dove-Edwin?

Once again, thanks to Norma for that very enjoyable conversation. What did you learn from her combined CDO and CIO focus? Have you made sufficient progress on data protection & clear data ownership?

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