This interview with Martin Squires is now published on our new podcast:

Episode 3 – Martin Squires (when he was at HomeServe) by Customer Insight Leader podcast

This third episode is another from the archives (recorded for blog back in 2018 and still worth sharing). Paul Laughlin interviews Martin Squires, at the time he was Director of Data, Insight & Analytics for HomeServe.

It was great to interview Martin, who is always witty as well as a very experienced analytics leader. After over a decade leading analytics for Walgreen Boots, he is now Director of Data, Insight & Analytics for HomeServe.

What we discussed in this conversation

In this interview, we discuss career paths, recruitment of analysts, the skills needed by analytics leaders and where they should focus (plus chickens, cricket & football along the way)! I’m sure you’ll find this interview a useful reminder of reality, behind all the hype about these roles.

Many thanks to Martin for his frankness & good humour, in sharing practical lessons for all those working on their analytics careers. Listen out for his advice with regards to rewriting your CV each year & gaining experience in selling.

So, grab a coffee & settle down in a comfy seat, to learn from “Uncle Martin’s practical wisdom“…

What did you learn from Martin Squires?

Once again, thanks to Martin Squires for that very enjoyable conversation. I was reminded of the importance of relationships, storytelling, breaking down barriers & crashing meetings.

What did you take away from Martin’s musings? (I recommend writing down just one thing you will do differently within 2 weeks)

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