Here’s another of our audio interviews, with senior Customer Insight Leaders, this time it’s Jason Bartram.

It was enjoyable to interview Jason, a man who has clearly found a role that matters to him and society. Like many other leaders he sort of fell into this line of work, but there are some interesting lessons from his career journey. His role, as Head of Resource Planning at the Ombudsman Services, also useful extends our interviews into other analytics leadership roles in other types of organisation.

In this interview we discuss his current role and career path, including lessons learnt in the hotel trade. He has a great anecdote involving the then Home Secretary and a fight in the kitchen. Jason also explains the importance of developing resilience as a leader and how different roles have helped him develop

We then talk about some of the interesting work that Jason is currently doing at the Ombudsman Services. This includes an interesting application of speech analytics to identify different personality types. The timely topics of measuring emotion and GDPR also make an appearance.

Many thanks to Jason for his candour and for sharing his advice for developing as an analyst and a leader. Listen out for his advice on coping in the ‘panic zone‘, as well as focusing on analysis that can be actioned. Execution is key to making a difference, I agree with Jason on that priority.

Without further ado, here is our recording of that interview. Grab a coffee & settle down in a comfy seat, to learn about how analytics is helping some of the most important ombudsmen for UK citizens.

Audio interviews with Customer Insight Leaders: (3) Jason Bartram (Head of Resource Planning)

Jason Bartram


Once again, thanks to Jason for that fascinating conversation. I was reminded of the importance of focusing on where you can get most “bang for your buck” in applications of analytics. Together with having a vision, of making a difference that matters in today’s world.

What did you take away from all that Jason shared with us? There are a number of coaching type questions posed by Jason’s advice. (I recommend writing down just one thing you will do differently within 2 weeks)

If you are currently working as a senior customer insight leader, with data, analytics or research leadership role, would you be our next candidate? I am interested in interviewing senior leaders and hearing any wisdom they have to share, on the challenges faced by insight leaders today.

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