A return to our series of audio interviews with customer insight & analytics leaders, this time my guest is Tom Lloyd.

Tom is the Managing Director of MetaMetrics. As you hear in our conversation, his agency focusses on applying Econometrics and helping clients measure what drives their sales. With so much experience of applying marketing analytics & modelling for clients, Tom has plenty of practical advice to share with us.

This interview follows on from our interview with Sameer Rahman at EDIT. Like Sameer, Tom offers us the perspective of an agency-side leader. Tom shares a research or customer insight background with Elsbeth Kottelenberg from UBM, to balance those I’ve interviewed from a Data Science background. As Managing Director, Tom also brings the perspective of a business leader.

During our conversation, we covered a number of topics that I know readers of this blog have also raised. From econometrics to customer insight, analytics to marketing & business questions. His experience “in the trenches” with clients shines through when we discuss topics like entrenched hypotheses & managing analysts differently.

Many thanks to Tom for his candour and openness during our conversation it was useful to hear how his career developed. I was delighted to hear a fellow advocate of bringing together customer research and analytics work, to deliver richer insights. I agree with Tom that careers which span analytics & research are better for both.

So, without further ado, here is his interview for your listening pleasure…

Audio interview with Tom Lloyd

Tom Lloyd
Interview with Tom Lloyd, MD of MetaMetrics

I really enjoyed my conversation with Tom. Lots of food for thought, for leaders on both sides of the client & agency divide. Hopefully, any sales or marketing leaders also find his advice useful. I fully concur with the need to be clear on what you are counting, versus where you have a measurement of incrementality. Thanks again, Tom.

What did you take away from all that Tom shared with us? Have you been able to identify anything you will do differently as a result? If so, I recommend that you take some notes now, especially one thing you could put into practice within the next two weeks.

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