Time for another of our audio interviews, with senior Customer Insight Leaders, this time it’s Gwilym Morrison.

A great conversation with Gwilym, who leads Data Science at Royal London Group. So, a good opportunity to complement the data, BI & analytics focus of leaders interviewed already. This time we get to hear the perspective of a Data Science leader. Gwilym has both practitioner & leadership experience and shares honestly from both.

During this interview we discuss his current role and career path, including his transition from analyst to a people leader. After an impressive academic sciencific foundation, his career has taken him across several sectors (including banking & telcos) before arriving at Royal London Group. 

Gwilym usefully shares the 6 skills that he has identified as needed within Data Science teams. These are well worth hearing and reassuring, as they map across to a number of topics we have already covered on Customer Insight Leader blog. He also calls out the Data Science Radar framework from Mango Solutions, who have previously shared their view on achieving Data Science readiness.

Many thanks to Gwilym for his time & openness. It was so encouraging to hear his journey, from an analyst to a leader who has discovered the joy of developing others. As well as suggestions on recruitment, he also shares his suggestions for retaining experienced analysts or data scientists. Once again, practical experience worth hearing – including the need for “time to do cool things“.

So, without further ado, here is the recording of this interview. Grab a coffee & settle down in a comfy seat, to learn what Data Science leaders need to succeed…

Audio interviews with Customer Insight Leaders: (4) Gwilym Morrison (Royal London Group)

Gwilym Morrison

Once again, thanks to Gwilym for that very useful & relevant conversation.

What did you take away from all that Gwilym shared with us? Do you recognise the same skills needed, or the same recruitment challenges?

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