has been created to inform and support customer insight leaders. It includes regular updates on topics for such a challenging role. To date, these include blog posts, podcast episodes, event news, book reviews and interactive polls.

Our Principles

These are the values you should be able to rely on from this site:


Interactive (please share your views and use the polls)

Inclusive (sharing best practice for all)

Informative (as customer insight becomes mainstream)

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Although this blog exists to inform and share with customer insight leaders from an independent perspective, a number of services are also available from Laughlin Consultancy. These include Coaching, Mentoring, Training, Consultancy & Speaking to help leaders realise the potential value of their teams (the people side of Analytics).

The Laughlin Consultancy helps companies generate sustainable value from their customer insight, for example by growing their bottom line, improving customer retention and demonstrating to their regulator that they treat customers fairly. 

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Are you achieving the value you need from your Customer Insight? Do your insights help improve your bottom line? Can you act on them to improve your customers’ experience? Do you have the capability you need to demonstrate to regulators you know your customers & treat them fairly?