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Innovative thinking in research supports insight generation

To accompany our recent 2 part series, on how to generate deeper insight for proposition development, here we review some of the innovative thinking within the research community that can help. Unlike the caricature of market/consumer research as outdated compared to Data Science, research blogs & events showcase something quite different. Reading some of the wealth of material out there, I see a community that’s both evolving & thinking more deeply.. Read More

How to generate insights for better propositions (part 1)

generate insights

Are you working effectively with your proposition development colleagues? Do you both agree on the need for customer insight guided design? Perhaps in these times of companies falling over each other to have the most customer centric strategies, you may feel inundated with requests for deeper or richer insights that provide a platform for proposition developers to start designing. Does Customer Insight have a role to play in guiding design.. Read More

A Customer Research topic to avoid at the Dinner Table

In a first for Customer Insight Leader, Annette Franz is back again for back-to-back guest blog posts. I just couldn’t resist this one, on a dinner table conversation topic to avoid (or how to avoid becoming fixated with your Customer metric, rather than improving experiences). Over to Annette… The rules of etiquette state: never discuss certain topics at the dinner table. You know your mom warned you about this one: never.. Read More

How are you scoring on your Customer Effort?

During our month focussed on research, I’m happy to welcome back guest blogger, Annette Franz, to talk about customer effort. I’ve posted previously on Customer Effort Score (CES), so it’s interesting to hear Annette’s experience and practical applications… There’s been a lot of debate about Customer Effort Score (a metric developed by the Corporate Executive Board’s Customer Contact Council), especially relative to Net Promoter Score, about whether it’s an effective.. Read More

With so much Data focus, is it time for a Renaissance of Research?

This month, we will focus on an area in need of a renaissance, that is research. Customer research in particular (both qualitative and quantitative, primary & secondary, plus consideration of diverse methods and best practice). When I talk with research leaders across the UK (and Europe), I consistently hear some common woes. Let’s consider a few.

Are you listening to all your 3 voices, to improve?

This month we are turning our focus to research & listening to customers’ voices. But, of course, the customer is not necessarily the only voice to which you should be listening as an insight leader. So, to set a context for the rest of our research content this month, I’m delighted to welcome Richard Kimber as a new guest blogger. Richard is a Customer Experience Improvement Specialist at Custerian. In.. Read More