conversation about maximising value from customer insight

The importance of place, why internal environments matter

In recent years, I’ve spent a lot more of my time speaking at events, or training my clients, so have recognised the crucial role of internal environments. Having the right place for such activity can make a tremendous difference to the effectiveness of any talk, training course or coaching/mentoring session. Working on a couple of events with a friend of mine, William Buist, we got talking about the impact that the.. Read More

Do you have coaching advice to guide your approach?

Business travel has been the theme of this week (so podcasts have been used of course). Enjoying sunny days in Cardiff, London & Edinburgh. So, I’m returning to sharing other useful online content. With our current monthly focus on leadership development, through coaching & mentoring, I’ve been searching cyber space for coaching advice worth sharing. I kept in mind common questions or objections I’ve heard; whenever I raise the topic of leadership.. Read More

Can your coach help you with an integrated leadership model?

The Rio Olympics certainly were absorbing. For weeks our screens & radios were be filled, with news of personal achievement & records broken. But as everyone knows, a lot of training & coaching goes into preparing for what may just be one event. Coaching business leaders also requires a lot of investment to see desired changes, but more integrated leadership can help. Before explaining what I mean by the term ‘integrated leadership’,.. Read More

How not to flub your next big decision as a leader

A recent conversation, about leadership, that I had with Paul Carroll (Editor in Chief of identified two new guest bloggers to share content this month. Both have lessons to share for leaders wanting to improve their decision-making; especially for that next big decision, that really matters. In this guest post, Chunka Mui shares on how not to flub your next big decision as a leader. As well as drawing on understanding of behavioural.. Read More

Is it time for a Renaissance of Research?

This month, our editorial focus will shift to research. Customer research. When I talk with research leaders across the UK (and Europe), I consistently hear some common woes. The problem for research leaders today Many feel under-utilised & almost all suggest they appear to have less influence than they had in the past. With regard to the cause of this ‘demotion’, many cite the rise of executive interest in Big.. Read More

Are you getting enough in the bedroom for 2017?

Continuing our January theme of goals & productivity, are you getting enough in the bedroom? Don’t worry we’re not prying too far, I mean sleep. Over the last year, more and more voices have raised the importance of sleep to our performance. Arianna Huffington called sleep the big idea for 2016 (it proved to be a theme), stating that a revolution is needed to raise it’s importance. Michael Hyatt has been raising.. Read More

Customer Insight in 2015 & your predictions for 2016

Now 2015 is nearly over, it seems like a good time to reflect on this year. To help you, I’ve curated a few insight-related “best of…” lists for your delectation. A great number of this sort of list are published on social media around this time of year. Just a few struck me as particularly useful. So, here is a mixture of those looking back and those predicting trends for 2016: My choice of 2015 review.. Read More