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Keeping a weather eye on the trending topics that matter

There is so much customer insight related content on social media & websites these days. From latest public research to ‘how to’ guides for that analytics software you’ve been considering, it’s possible to spend your whole day just reading. But with your own goals to focus on & with summer holidays depleting the size of your team, what is worthwhile. What should you at least keep a weather eye on? Following.. Read More

Is your way of working hindering your performance?

Mindfulness has been all the rage in recent years. Numerous leaders have come out to praise the benefits of ‘being present‘. But are you aware of your current way of working really hindering your performance? In the book review for ‘Happier’, I’ve shared how Tal Ben-Shahar advises using an hourly chime to interrupt your day. So that you can ask yourself whether or not you are still focussed on your priorities. It’s a good.. Read More

Are you getting enough in the bedroom for 2017?

Continuing our January theme of goals & productivity, are you getting enough in the bedroom? Don’t worry we’re not prying too far, I mean sleep. Over the last year, more and more voices have raised the importance of sleep to our performance. Arianna Huffington called sleep the big idea for 2016 (it proved to be a theme), stating that a revolution is needed to raise it’s importance. Michael Hyatt has been raising.. Read More