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Data Visualisation, is it art to you?

When analysing the interest in posts here on CIL, one of the topics which perennially gets more visitors than others is data visualisation. So, in order to listen to our readers, here’s another round-up of recent Data Viz resources that are hopefully helpful to you or your team. Encouraging the creative side of data visualisation, Teradata recently exhibited 20 visualisations at the “Art of Analytics” exhibition within their conference in Amsterdam. Here’s an interesting.. Read More

CyberCrime risks aren’t just for the Big Boys

This week I’ve been worried by the risks of cybercrime for even small businesses. Two articles highlighted the danger of cybercrime & importance of customer data protection for SMEs. These struck me as a stark reminder that these data security concerns are a topic of relevance to much smaller businesses than the large corporates usually covered by media stories of the latest data breach.

Data Scientists need a better infographic

Given my past post around an infographic shared by (hybrid marketer), I have to comment on this new infographic being shared by At first glance there is much to praise here compared to summaries others have published. Too many either confuse the specialist nature of a data scientist role with a marketing or customer insight analyst, or neglect the fact that even these geeks need softer skills. On that.. Read More

Keeping up to date with Research developments

Despite training on the full breadth of Holistic Customer Insight, I’m finding that one of my most receptive audiences are research teams. These fine folk seem particularly keen to catch-up with latest best practice and master using their research in collaboration with analytics & data developments. So, in response to such a warm welcome & keen learners, today’s post is dedicated to sharing news on research practice. Here I share three  ideas.. Read More

No time for Insight spin, the Russians are coming

It’s not often that you have opportunity to discuss Customer Insight with leading Russian retailers. On 1 July, at #MSMS2015 event, I had such an  opportunity and thoroughly enjoyed it. In the end this was an exclusive, intimate business tour for predominantly two leading Russian retailers (from fashion & home furnishings sectors). That was beneficial, as a  beautiful setting in South Kensington gave us opportunity to talk honestly about aspirations, practical challenges &.. Read More

Last chance to attend #MSMS2015 on 1 July

Just a quick reminder that the MultiChannel Sales & Marketing Strategy business tour 2015 (#MSMS2015 on Twitter) is happening on 1-3 July at the Ampersand Hotel in London. Organised by Redenex, who have been a pleasure to work with, this event should help retailers understand a number of key marketing and sales skills to grow their businesses. I’ve shared previously some short interviews covering some of the topics I’ll be speaking on.. Read More

How safe is your data? Breaches anyone?

If yesterday’s post on the risk of you dying in the next 5 years wasn’t scary enough, here’s a quick round-up of the scary amount of data breaches in the news. How safe is your customer data? How do you know? A great source for news on this topic is always Data IQ and sure enough they are covering the 183% increase in data breaches reported by FS firms: