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Do you have your insight reading list ready for the beach?

With last night possibly having been the hottest on record for the UK, I’m too tired & toasted to write a long post. Lucky readers I hear you cry ūüėČ Instead, here is a collection of blog posts I’ve found interesting today. Ones that should help customer insight leaders expand their own reading list. Hope it helps, even if you don’t get to the beach to read today. Storytelling First,.. Read More

Are there any insights to be gleaned from Brexit vote?

So, it’s happened. For good or ill, the UK electorate has voted for ‘Brexit‘; that is to leave the European Union (EU). There will be plenty of coverage over coming weeks & months. Much will cover political or economic implications & the many options ahead. But the focus of this blog is customer insight. So, what can the Brexit vote reveal for our specialism? Are there lessons to be learned.. Read More

Could you be more visual, better optimised & less tech-led?

Within this month’s theme of database marketing, we also want to consider related customer insight developments. These include ways other insight skills can help. For example with problems like getting your multi-channel interactions optimised. As we’ve shared before, Holistic Customer Insight is much more powerful. It benefits from the synergy of using data, analytics, research & database marketing together. Previous posts have focussed on how this approach helps proposition development or.. Read More

Is your use more advanced than our analytics poll results?

Thanks to¬†everyone who has¬†already completed our latest analytics poll, on real world usage. If you haven’t yet recorded your scores, there’s still time (you can complete it here). But, with over 35 votes already in, I thought it worth sharing some¬†interim results with you. During the same week, I was reading a report from IBM as to the ‘real world use of big¬†data¬†in¬†financial services‘. Although a number of sources in.. Read More

Love is in the air, but what can you do differently?

As time ticks down towards the end of February, my thoughts turn once again to our theme of love & relationships. That’s not surprising for me personally, as I’m delighted to share that I’ve just become a grandfather for the second time. Woohoo! My granddaughter, Isabelle (aged 2), now has a baby brother (Jacob). Seeing him for the first time yesterday of course brought out the doting softie in me… Read More

Is variety the spice of your best insights?

Sometimes you just want to mix it up a bit &¬†that’s just what this¬†customer¬†insight ‘variety’ post¬†offers. Not that I’m suggesting our relationships theme this month is being followed here ūüėČ Rather, I was inspired by a particularly enjoyable episode of the “More or Less” podcast by Tim Harford. In this one, Tim explores a whole range of statistics. From debunking commercially motivated stats in the news, about women taking selfies.. Read More

Customer Insight in 2015 & your predictions for 2016

Now¬†2015 is nearly over, it seems like a good time to reflect on this year. To help you, I’ve¬†curated a few¬†insight-related “best of…” lists for your delectation. A great number of this sort of list are¬†published on social media around this time of year. Just a few¬†struck me as particularly useful.¬†So, here is a mixture of those looking back and those predicting trends for 2016: My choice of 2015 review.. Read More