conversation about maximising value from customer insight

Why applied analytics projects have more success

Having benefitted from listening to a CX leaders’ perspective on vision for data & analytics, lets consider applied analytics projects. In fact, this focus is an opportunity to hear the voice of another key stakeholder in major analytics implementations. That is, the perspective of the software provider or IT supplier. Now, I know, these people can have a bad reputation. Too many ‘shiny suited’ salespeople and unfulfilled promises, post demo, can.. Read More

The end of your leadership career as you know it?

As we enter the distinctly colder month of November, our latest theme is your leadership career development. Are you investing in your personal development? Do you have clear goals for your future as a customer insight leader? Talking about leadership development with Paul Carroll (CEO of Insurance Thought Leadership), he referred me to a useful piece written by Tony Boobier. Tony is a former global insurance executive with IBM, who focusses on data.. Read More