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Retailers & Financial Services learning lessons

Corner ShopIn recent years, especially since the ‘credit crunch’ recession, it has become common for commentators to look into what Financial Services companies can learn from other industries. These have included Telcos & Retailers among others, with some associated cross-pollination of Marketing leaders crossing sectors (with mixed success).

A number of commentators have shared some good points on the lessons FS could learn from Retail. The first I want to share is this article from CMO magazine, which concisely summarises a number of the lessons which need to be learnt about delivering the integrated digital experience customers expect: (more…)

#FromTheCupboard videos

YouTube-logo-full_colorAs a quirky teaser campaign prior to #CAI2015, I published a series of short videos. In these I was interviewed by the conference organiser on a variety of topics relevant to that event. In case you missed this genesis of a YouTube channel for Customer Insight Leader, I’m sharing the full series below.

I will also be making more use of video in future and once the channel has sufficient content, adding it as another menu on this site. Do please let me have your feedback on whether or not you find this media useful and/or engaging. Future videos will seek to have higher production values!

So, without further ado, here’s that #FromTheCupboard series in full: (more…)

Event: #CAI2015

Radisson Blu PortmanWell, after much publicity, it’s good to have finally experienced Customer Analytics & Insights for Retail Financial Services 2015 (helpfully shortened to #CAI2015).

It was a very enjoyable event and one I would recommend to those wanting an oversight or leadership perspective on what others are doing in this space. Speakers did not get into the level of technical detail which some analysts might expect, but customer insight leaders found much to prompt discussion here.

Those also following my twitter stream will know that I’ve been fairly active over the last couple of days, sharing tweets on what struck me during the event. So, I’ll structure my review in line with those tweets & sum up with some final reflections on who might find this event useful.


Is your heart aroused at work?

The Heart ArousedThis may sounds like a strange, perhaps slightly dodgy title for this site. Don’t worry, despite the recent focus on Fifty Shades of Grey & another type of arousing fiction, this is actually a book sharing what poetry can teach us about how to survive the workplace.

It’s subtitle is much clearer – “Poetry and the Preservation of the Soul at Work“.

Before that too threatens to put you off reading further, let me explain why I think this is relevant to all readers.

This is not a theoretical book or one for poetry buffs. Rather, through the metaphors & stories used in a number of classic poems/epics, the author explores struggles to which we can all relate. These include finding your own voice in work, the struggle to be authentic, coping with power, retaining creativity and how to maintain motivation when it all feels like dust. (more…)

How does your Marketing Measurement need to improve?

wikipedia tape measure
wikipedia tape measure

At the start of 2015, you responded to our poll on goals by confirming that “improving measurable commercial impact” was one of your top priorities for 2015. Amongst the CI teams that I’ve seen, the easiest place to initially demonstrate this is in marketing measurement.

The quickest way to deliver measurable incremental profit is often to either retain more customers or sell more, either way such results make an immediate impact and so help establish commercial credibility prior to longer burn insight investment in shaping strategy or new propositions.

But to achieve this requires not only generating relevant insights (say targeting models for communications) but also robustly measuring the effectiveness of the marketing once executed. This can be a stumbling block for some businesses. By popular demand, my topic when speaking at two events this year is ‘measuring your marketing effectiveness‘.

Before making assumptions about the current state of marketing measurement in your business, it’s time for some more research. Another infamous Customer Insight Leader quick survey! (more…)

Valentine to Infographic?


Browsing Google Images this morning, you would think Valentine’s day was to celebrate love for the Infographic. There are so many published this year!

Well if you can’t beat them…

I’ve mentioned before the benefit of infographics, as well as other forms of data visualisation. They help you better grab attention and enable your readers to digest information faster. Plenty of studies have shown faster understanding of visually presented information, as well as better recall; at least for the majority of the population.

So, without further ado. With the aim of being topical. Here are my favourite Valentine’s Day infographics from the plethora on offer: (more…)

How to measure your Marketing Effectiveness

marketing effectivenessWhen speaking about the power of converging different technical disciplines to yield customer insights, it’s common for the conversation to focus on converging analytics & research for proposition insights. But what about measuring your marketing effectiveness?

Another rich territory for seeing the benefit of multiple technical customer insight (CI) disciplines is the measurement of marketing effectiveness.

In this short overview, we’ll review the ways both analytics & research provide inputs needed for a more holistic view of your overall marketing effectiveness.

One of the reasons for needing to call on the skills of two complementary CI disciplines, is the need to measure different types of marketing spend. The most obvious example is probably the challenge of measuring the effectiveness of “below the line” verses “above the line” marketing.

For those not so familiar with this language, born out of accounting terminology, the difference can perhaps be best understood by considering the ‘purchase funnel‘.