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Getting practical with Big Data and the Internet of Things

fitness monitorsSo much conversation about getting  value from your data or analysis focusses on technology or techniques.

Advertising by suppliers offering services in this area also seems to focus too much on these areas. Prospects can be confused as to practical application.

It seems too much technology advertising is simply trying to get an audience enthused about #BigData or #PredictiveAnalytics, without really explaining either or offering practical applications that will make money.

In such a context it was refreshing to read a recent piece from @bensalmon, published on LinkedIn, about how a business can better understand the data it has & how that can help. Excuse the title but I think he makes a great point. (more…)

Can Customer Insight mitigate Conduct Risk?

stopping risksIn light of the largest fine the FCA (or FSA) have ever issued, more and more FS firms are taking a closer look at their wider Conduct Risk management.

Most have the required minimum of MI in place.

Most CEOs say the right customer centric words with regards to strategy or culture. However, recent work with clients tells me that many firms recognise they still have some way to go, especially in the world of Insurance.

On recent training with customer insight teams, I’ve been sharing how insight can both help mitigate conduct risks and provide the evidence needed by the FCA. Such content covers the 5 aspects where FCA appear to focus, looking for sufficient focus on the customer in each of these areas: (more…)

Dear John, buried treasure and hidden breaches

PowerpointWhilst busy training customer insight teams, I’ve noticed some interesting Customer Insight content being published by others this week. At the risk of sounding like Gogglebox’s oft repeated “this week we had a lot of great telly“…

Here are some of this week’s great Customer Insight articles:

The first is one that is an overdue warning as to the excessive reliance on PowerPoint for research debriefs. Amusingly set out as a “Dear John” letter to PowerPoint, it makes points many of us will relate to in terms of how we feel the need to move on to a more creative media. It then balances the letter with a challenge to think how you use the tool not blame the tool. Well worth a read. (more…)

How to get started on Customer Insight and why research matters

Where to beginThis is the last in series of four posts sharing short video interviews prior to #MSMS2015 event in London this July. Having shared interviews covering relevance of event, data challenges & analytics, we now turn to starting out.

At some point during such conferences, I am asked by a delegate how they can get started with Customer Insight. It’s refreshing, after so much spin & sophistication presented by technology suppliers, to have such an honest question. Often it comes from delegates who will openly admit that they have made little or no progress in understanding their customers or acting on real insights. So, the first short interview answers that question. (more…)

Are you embarrassed about your election polls?

polling stationWhat a night the 2015 general election was!

Surprises for a number of parties, with the shock of the exit polls right at the start of the night. Such disbelief at first, Paddy Ashdown has a hat to eat.

As results began to come in & those exit polls were vindicated, it became clear the polling during campaign had got it badly wrong. When as experienced a pollster as Peter Kellner of YouGov is left with ‘egg on his face‘ in BBC studio, something needs to change. This is especially true since there was such consistency across all the campaign polls, no agency called this one right. (more…)

What is analytics & how can you drive value from it?

Technical analysisAnalytics is a topic of interest for multi-channel retailers across Europe. I’m hearing that they want to know how to maximise the value they can gain from investing in analysis teams, or how to get started with this capability.

In the run up to “Multi-Channel Sales & Marketing Strategy 2015“, #MSMS2015, a number of video interviews have been recorded on this topic.

To help you decide whether or not attending this event (in London on 1-3 July) would be valuable for you, this post shares my interview answers on analytics questions. Those start with answering: “What are behavioural & predictive analytics?” Then build on that to focus on how to add value, through answering both “How do you measure marketing payback?” & “How do you demonstrate measurable benefit?(more…)

Data challenges & value opportunities for retailers

Data challengesOne of the themes of video interviews prior to #MSMS2015 event has been questions on data. What data challenges do multi-channel retailers face? How can they start acting on  data? How do they choose the right technology?

So, as a second preview to this event (Multi-Channel Sales & Marketing Strategy), shown below are three short video interviews answering those questions. In just a few minutes each, these are of course only brief introductions as to what you need to consider. But hopefully they give you a feel for the guidance that will be available at this event, through talks, Q&A and exercises. (more…)