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Stakeholder Engagement – lessons for leaders from project management

stakeholder engagementAt the end of another month, there is just time for one more post on stakeholder engagement.

The change of term from stakeholder management is deliberate. As we welcome back frequent guest blogger Tony Boobier.

In this post, Tony shares his relevant experience from the world of project management. Which stakeholders matter? How do you find them? What is the difference between stakeholder engagement & stakeholder management?

Over to Tony to explain all & offer his advice…

There’s already lot of information about stakeholder management in project textbooks. It’s a function that is recognised as a key part of a project framework, but sometimes overlooked or inadequately attended to. (more…)

How FinTech meets CX and needs Insight in 2017

FinTech meets CXAnother week, another event, this time a FinTech meets CX conference.

We’ve shared before that growth hacking, or your future growth plans, need insight & CX leaders, as well as technologists. This event provides an opportunity to bring together all three communities.

For the first time in 2016, FinTechNetwork brought together start-ups & incumbents, to focus on Customer Experience.

This year, again this is a gathering of those interested in not just technology, but also customers. Discussing ways to innovate and transform experiences for customers, whilst generating a profit. (more…)

Customer Segmentation in a Cognitive Computing age

Customer SegmentationAs a break between my event reporting, lets return to the theme of customer segmentation.

I’ve written recently about the benefit of segmenting your key stakeholders & previously on different approaches to segmentation. To give a different perspective and useful real world experience, I’m delighted to welcome back guest blogger Peter Lavers.

Having returned from the SAS Analytics event that he referenced in his militaristic analytics posts, Peter is now focussed on his future thinking work with IBM. In this post, he shares why customer segmentation still matters in a cognitive computing age & 4 top tips for being successful. (more…)

Data Insight Leaders 2017 Day Two – the final countdown

Data Insight Leaders 2017 Day TwoThis is continuing my report from Data Insight Leaders 2017 Day Two. That is, day two of a useful Summit (that I’m chairing), held in Barcelona. In this post I summarise this final day of an enjoyable event.

I’m not just saying it’s good because I chaired this conference, honest! Talking to the actual data insight leaders who attended (and made up most of our audience), they agreed it was a winner.

One of the reasons for that, in my opinion, is down to those delegates themselves.

Somehow, this event has managed to avoid filling the hall with consultants & vendors. The majority of this enthusiastic audience were actual practitioner leaders.

So, the very insight leadership community this blog exists to serve. (more…)

Data Insight Leaders Summit 2017 Day One – a debrief

Data Insight Leaders Summit 2017After a pause in blogging, for a much-needed holiday, I’ve returned with a debrief from day one of Data Insight Leaders Summit 2017.

It’s a joy to be back out in Barcelona chairing the second incarnation of this very useful  annual event. A gathering of over 100 data insight leaders from across UK & Europe, spending time together sharing their experience.

As I said to delegates this morning, one of the things that sets this event apart from many others is its authenticity. By that I mean it avoids being either a ‘front’ for suppliers to pitch their wares, or full of naively idealistic content. Rather, it is packed with real practitioners sharing their ‘warts & all’ stories.

The format is also refreshingly varied, as we switch from speakers to interviews to panel debates & workshops.

So, let’s get on with sharing what I learnt from day one of this event. I hope you find it useful. (more…)

Stakeholder Segmentation: Why you need one and video personas

Stakeholder SegmentationDo you have a stakeholder segmentation? Had you even considered the need for one?

Perhaps you think segmentations are just for customers or other parties external to your business. Does creating one for your key stakeholders sound like ‘over engineering‘?

I’ve heard that response before. Yet, in this post I’ll make the case for how a stakeholder segmentation can help. I’ll also provide an example of one option, a simple segmentation designed for this purpose.

If you’ve already read and applied the advice in our earlier post on Stakeholder Mapping, this is a good next step. You are hopefully in the position of having a prioritised list of ‘key player‘ stakeholders. Those you want to manage carefully. Your next challenge is they are not all the same. (more…)

Analytics are the new Weapons Guidance Systems (part 2)

Weapons Guidance SystemsAnalytics as a weapons guidance systems? This could only be the second post in two-part series by our guest blogger Peter Lavers.

You may recall that, in his first post, Peter made the case for data being the new marketing battleground. He argued that Marketing and CRM are in exciting times because is it now economically viable to unlock the incredible value of data. Value that’s often hidden in inaccessible and disconnected company databases.

So, over to Peter, to explain how turning his attention to analytics has got so attack minded… (more…)