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Read a White Paper, advice for Data, Insight & Technology leaders

white paperI’m currently in the process of writing a white paper on some recent research regarding consumer usage of multiple devices online & the resulting poor experience.

Probably akin to the way, when you buy a new model of car, you suddenly notice many more of them on the road, I’ve noticed a lot of white papers being advertised recently.

So, following previous posts that have recommended blogs, newsletters, podcasts & printed magazines for Customer Insight leaders, this one will recommend some white papers to read.

Although longer form than the convenient brevity of blog posts or most magazine articles, white papers can help leaders.

They give the opportunity to learn about a topic in more depth. They are still shorter than reading a book, but often quote useful sources to follow-up if relevant. (more…)

How InsurTech is changing the Insurance Sector, in 10 key trends

InsurTechFollowing the, mainly banking, focus of FinTech startups, what is happening in the world of InsurTech?

Continuing our month focussed on related technology developments and how they could impact Customer Insight leaders, I’m happy to share another guest post from our friends at Insurance Thought Leadership blog.

In this post, Sam Evans, Founder of Eos Venture Partners, shares his top 10 predictions for how InsureTech will continue to develop.

He then suggests 3 areas of focus, all of which can benefit from design collaboration with Customer Insight leaders.

So, following our series on Blockchain, here is Sam to guide us through some other developments in the world of InsureTech & why they matter. (more…)

Happy Easter, Customer Insight leaders, treat yourself to a holiday

EasterCustomer Insight Leader blog, wishes all our readers, a very happy Easter.

Whether or not you get the weather (or eggs) you hoped for, may you have a thoroughly enjoyable holiday.

We will be taking a well earned break this Easter & enjoying time with our family. Apologies that it means we won’t be keeping up our standard of 2 new posts each week, but normal service will be resumed next week.

Hopefully that’s not too much of a disappointment. In the nicest possible way, I hope you have more fun plans for your time.

Last Christmas we shared a post about the importance of holidays and breaks from your work. This, of course applies to Easter as much as Christmas. So, I hope you have an opportunity to unwind & recharge your batteries. (more…)

Learning about Blockchain and relevance to Analytics leaders (part 2)

learning about blockchainContinuing our two-part series, learning about Blockchain and relevant lessons learnt from attending #CityChain17 event.

As mentioned in our first post, this event was organised by MBN Solutions and held at IBM’s spacious SouthBank offices (which offer great views across the Thames on a sunny day).

Following the morning sessions, covered in part one, our next speakers focussed more on applying the technology in your business.

So, here are some more reflections from listening to those speakers, together with blockchain resources that I hope you’ll find useful. (more…)

Enjoying printed insight magazines on planes & trains

magazinesWith lots of business travel this week & last, together with having already recently authored a detailed post on Brexit letter, I’ve decided to take it easier this time. Based on my reading while travelling, here is a review of a few articles from printed magazines that I found helpful.

I’ve previously sung the praises of listening podcasts (which I find particularly useful while driving on business) and insight newsletters (that I skim during my morning routine). However, probably like you, I also spend a fair amount of time traveling on trains & planes. During these journeys, there are times when it is just easier to have a printed magazine to read. I, for one, still value that format.

But, as more and more valued insight publications go digital only (including the much mourned DataIQ Magazine), what is there still out there in printed form to read? (more…)