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Great leaders learn from failure – don’t dwell on it

learn from failureHaving already prompted our readers to review what they achieved in 2017, let’s talk about how best to learn from failure.

To tackle that emotional territory, I’m delighted to welcome back guest blogger Kevin Watson. Kevin is an experienced leadership coach & founder of My Own Coach. I know readers have found his previous posts, including one on behavioural flexibility, to be very useful & approachable.

So, acting on feedback from our recent readers survey, let’s cover some basics.

You can’t get more basic than the reality that we all have failures. So, how should leaders learn from failure, rather than dwelling on it? Over to Kevin to explain… (more…)

2018 Annual Reader Survey results – how did we do in 2017?

2018 annual reader surveyThanks to all our newsletter subscribers, who participated in our 2018 annual reader survey. Time to see, if this blog is still achieving the positive feedback, provided on 2016 content.

This is the opportunity that we take, each January, to check-in with you. After all, we can’t preach a message of customer insight being so key & never research our own customers!

Seriously, this site exists to help Customer Insight Leaders, like you, to succeed in your roles & make a difference in your organisations. For that reason, we want to ensure that the mix of content we publish here is helping you.

Google Analytics can tell us so much, about digital journeys & most clicked/read content, but it is always worth supplementing with human feedback.

So, without further delay, here are the results from this year’s reader survey… (more…)

Recommending podcasts: 4 more for you to keep informed in 2018

Recommending podcastsIt’s been almost a year and a half, since I last dedicated a post to recommending podcasts.

I don’t know about you, but with our busy lives & frequent travel, I find podcasts a very useful media for leaders to learn. There are, of course, also plenty of great comedy podcasts. But, in this update on resources to help today’s customer insight leaders, I want to focus on your CPD.

Last time, I recommended three podcasts, covering leadership, stats & coaching.

This time, I will focus on four more and consider a wider range of the knowledge & skills you may want to develop. So, as you plan for 2018, I hope you are also planning your personal development. Here are four podcasts to consider as part of your learning plan. (more…)

Are you & your analysts planning for Deep Work in 2018?

Deep WorkAs you plan your approach to 2018, are you protecting time for ‘Deep Work’?

If you haven’t come across that phrase, it was coined by my latest recommended book. In “Deep Work“, author Cal Newport makes a great case for the importance of better concentration.

He diagnoses our current malaise. Full of distractions from our phones/tablets/computers/connected devices, we fail to focus.

Cal is an associate professor of Computer Science, at Georgetown University, and a well published academic.

He uses a wide range of scientific research & personal stories (his and his clients/students). Together, the picture he paints is one that demands action. (more…)

2018 technology trends for leaders to consider, looking inside

looking insideFollowing on from our post on technology trends for leaders to consider, based on consumers, let’s look inwards.

By that, I mean let’s consider both the needs of today’s organisations & technical innovations less visible to consumers.

In this post, we will update you on progress with blockchain. You may recall, our posts explaining this & asking the key questions for analytics leaders. We will also consider how AI can impact how organisations are run and finally a number of CDOs thoughts on implications for data strategy.

But first, I want to build on the CMS Wire blog post, which I shared at the end of our last post. That is, the one on the rise of VR. (more…)

Technology trends to consider in your insight planning for 2018

technology trendsRegular readers of this blog will know that we don’t usually focus on technology trends. One of the insights this blog is sharing is the importance of the human elements of customer insight & analytics. Leadership skills, softer skills, CPD and human context all matter hugely, to customer insight generating value for organisations.

However, at this time of year, with so much material being shared on technology trends & futurology, it is hard to ignore.

What is more, it is an element that should be considered in your goal setting for 2018. As suggested, in our post on specific goals for customer insight leaders, the potential of new technology has to be considered.

So, amongst all the material being shared & all the potential technologies, which should you consider? (more…)

Reflecting on your progress in 2017, learning to set the right goals for 2018

progress in 2017During the first week of this New Year, there’s still time to reflect on your progress in 2017.

I hope our latest posts on goal setting for 2018 (and specific goals) have been useful. It is well worth taking time, to hone the right goals for this year, including spreading delivery across quarters.

But, before finalising what to set as your new goals, have you taken time to learn from 2017?

Have you reviewed how you did, against last year’s goals & why?

I’m pleased to say that here at Customer Insight Leader blog we achieved two of the key goals we set. (more…)