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Free resourcesAt Customer Insight Leader we love providing you with useful free resources. As a non-commercial, advertising free, site – we know our visitors value both independent advice & access to free resources.

I hope today’s curation of customer insight & analytics related resources, helps you in your role.

In line with our advocating of holistic customer insight, I’ve included resources to help develop your research, data science & analytics work.

Anyway, enough introduction, let’s open the presents… (more…)

Customer Data Record Quality – reporting metrics for a broader view

Customer Data Record QualityContinuing our series on best practice in data quality, we turn to customer data record quality reporting.

I hope you’ve been finding Paul’s series useful. It has certainly reminded me as to the need to focus on monitoring your data quality. It’s such an essential foundation to more advanced analytics work. Plus, our joint event with MyCustomer, reminded delegates of data quality as a GDPR requirement.

We’ve already seen 11 field level checks, from guest blogger Paul Weston, in his part one & part two posts.

Next, in this post, Paul considers the need to also check the quality at data record level. It’s all very well individual fields being accurate, but how do you check whole records are valid? (more…)

Customer Data Quality Reporting – the next 6 metrics you need

Customer Data Quality ReportingTime to return, to the important topic of Customer Data Quality Reporting. Which metrics should you report on, to ensure robust data quality controls?

After a week of training analysts in data visualisation, and speaking to marketers about how to run an NPS programme, back to part 2 of our new series.

You may recall, that in part 1 of his series, our newest guest blogger (Paul Weston) introduced this topic. In that post, Paul explained the importance of this reporting and shared the first 5 of his recommended metrics.

In this post, part 2 of his series, Paul shares the rest of his “great set of measures“. A final 6 that will help complete your view of current data quality & any issues to address. (more…)

Data Viz Award winners, sharing the best of Kantar’s IIB 2017

Data Viz AwardAs data visualisation is a favourite theme on this blog, we’ve already covered the 2015 & 2016 “Information is Beautiful” (IIB) awards. Kantar’s leading, international, annual Data Viz Award.

Now Kantar’s 2017 results are out, we return; to share great examples of data visualisation from this year’s finalists.

It seems each year the standard just gets higher & variations get more creative. This is partly reflected in the change of categories for awards. Rather than now focusing on the method, interactive/mobile/infographic etc, they focus on content.

This makes sense and supports the maxim, that data visualisation is effective if (and only if) it helps you with the task intended. Graphic designers can create charts that are works of art, but if they do not help you better understand what is needed, they have failed. (more…)

Customer Data Quality Reporting, why it matters & how to do it well

Data Quality ReportingBuilding on the popularity of our recent GDPR posts, here’s more advice on data quality reporting.

We’ve seen the importance of data quality to GDPR compliance and your marketing performance. But, as business consultants are fond of saying, you get what you measure. How should that apply to data quality?

In my own tenure as a senior leader in large corporations, I’ve seen my fair share of poor, boring & non-existent data quality reporting.

So, to set you up for success, I’ve sought out an expert.

I’m delighted to welcome Paul Weston as our newest guest blogger. Paul has made a career out of improving data quality, to deliver more effective analytics. But, before I hand over to Paul, let me just say he had so much advice to share, that it’s going to take 3 posts. (more…)

GDPR requires data quality, sharing survey results in the home of hampers

GDPR requires data qualityAmidst all the focus on GDPR, it’s easy to forget that GDPR requires data quality. Over a Fortnum & Mason’s breakfast, I had the chance to discuss this neglected aspect.

So much of the social media buzz around GDPR focusses on contentious topics like when you need opt-in consent. Individuals rights to opt out of profiling, be forgotten & Privacy by Design, all these GDPR topics have had their limelight.

But, ironically, in all this talk of data regulation, there is a risk that data quality is being overlooked.

Because of that risk, I’ve been delighted to partner with MyCustomer & Royal Mail Data Services (RMDS), at breakfast briefings. Over the last four years, RMDS has been surveying around 300 marketing leaders across sectors within the UK.

The results give an interesting insight into their goals, challenges and the role data plays. (more…)

Will GDPR spell the end of Big Data mindset, is less now more?

GDPR spell the end of Big DataDoes GDPR spell the end of Big Data thinking? Will you stop gathering or holding onto data because “it might be useful“?

With a topic as important as GDPR, it’s good to hear from more than one viewpoint. For that reason, I am delighted to welcome back regular guest blogger, Tony Boobier.

This time, it sounds like Tony has been thinking about GDPR and Big Data, including a new ‘V’ for its definition.

Over to Tony to explain his reflections… (more…)