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Your goals for 2016, keeping focussed on value & growth

goalsThanks to all of you who participated in this year’s annual survey of Customer Insight goals.

Looking at the results, the first thing that strikes me is the similarity of results to the ones you chose last year. So, there is definitely a theme of consistency. It seems many of you continue to be prioritising making a measurable commercial difference in your businesses and investing in your own leadership ability.

Alongside that consistency, there is also more variety in goals selected this year.

After the top two, a wider range of options have been chosen for joint third place. This perhaps reflects both the growing diversity of our readers and the greater breath and diversity in their roles.

Having talked to many insight leaders over the last year, especially across Financial Services, it seems no one preferred structure of resourcing model has emerged. There are leaders with a primarily database-marketing, analytics, data or research focus, fewer with combinations of those remits & many with other responsibilities in their ‘mix’ (like BI, reporting, risk, customer experience, strategy or operational efficiency). (more…)

How will you resource your insight team this year?

How will you resourceContinuing our January theme of goals & planning, how will you resource people to do the work?

Amidst the merry-go-round of new business objectives, targets & budget allocation that can keep many a leader busy in January, there is the question of who? Who will do the work? Probably accompanied by how many people will there be in my team and do they have the skills & motivation they need? At first this can all feel rather daunting. But it will be helped by first being clear on your goals. If you know what matters most & why, you’re in a better place to make those ever tricky people decisions.

Staffing your team up to do this has more potential options than in years past. With more data, analytics & research agencies, consultancies, contractors & sometimes difficulties with recruitment – which route to take requires some thought. Talking with leaders, it sounded like different businesses favoured different resourcing models, but it was unclear which was most popular.

For that reason, towards the end of 2015, we ran a survey amongst our readers about Customer Insight team resourcing models. Thanks to all of you who took part. The time has come to share those results. (more…)

What are your goals for Customer Insight success in 2016?

goals for customer insight successIt’s that time again, when we ask for your goals for Customer Insight success this year.

Last year, you voted fairly consistently for two priorities to deliver in 2015. First, was a measurable commercial difference in your business that could be attributed to Customer Insight, e.g. demonstrate value-add. Second, was to make time for your own leadership development, or as Stephen Covey would put it, “Sharpen the Saw”.

Both these made good sense & colloquially I’ve heard that a number of you made good progress on the former, but still struggled to protect time for the latter. Was that true for you in 2015? What are you going to do differently in 2016 to achieve more? (more…)

Can we please just build insight this way?

iStock imageDo we have to build that here? Can’t we just buy that in?

One of the often quoted challenges, faced by Customer Insight leaders, is deciding on the right mix of in-house or outsourced capability.

Examples exist of businesses, across multiple sectors, with different successful resourcing models for their insight teams.

Some banks have taken advantage of significant investment in-house. Teams of hundreds of analysts across data, database marketing, analytics, modelling & research, have added significant profit to their bottom lines. Meanwhile, there are retailers with success stories built on fully outsourced insight teams. (more…)

Poll results: Conduct Risk and Insight Gaps

iStock photoThanks to those of you who participated in our short survey on use of Customer Insight to mitigate & report on your conduct risks to the FCA.

Our interim results suggest there are quite a few gaps still out there, with more work to be done by FS firm Customer Insight teams.

Here’s a quick summary of the findings so far from Customer Insight Leaders across Financial Services… (more…)

Are you building your Data Kingdom from a blueprint?

data kingdomWhere is that data? I know we’ve got it somewhere!

Ever been in that position or heard such frustration from your analysts?

This is an age of ever-growing appetite for more & more data on your customers. Data Kingdoms are expanding every day.

Sometimes this results in problems caused by lack of planning. What I mean is this… Too many databases, data warehouses or even networked (Hadoop et al) solutions resemble a “make it up as we go along” data structure. (more…)