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Dear John, buried treasure and hidden breaches

PowerpointWhilst busy training customer insight teams, I’ve noticed some interesting Customer Insight content being published by others this week. At the risk of sounding like Gogglebox’s oft repeated “this week we had a lot of great telly“…

Here are some of this week’s great Customer Insight articles:

The first is one that is an overdue warning as to the excessive reliance on PowerPoint for research debriefs. Amusingly set out as a “Dear John” letter to PowerPoint, it makes points many of us will relate to in terms of how we feel the need to move on to a more creative media. It then balances the letter with a challenge to think how you use the tool not blame the tool. Well worth a read. (more…)

Does Data make you think in new ways?

Time to focus back on Data.

Lots of interesting thoughts out there, so as a change from my posts, here is some of the best content from others that impressed me this week…

Many organisations in recent years have looked into the challenge and opportunity presented by all this coverage of “Big Data” and “Predictive Analytics”. Some have invested in ways that improved their Marketing effectiveness or Customer Experience.

But very few companies have looked at how such capability could revolutionise the way they run their business. (more…)

How funny is your research?

funny researchIn honour of April Fools Day here in the UK, I’ve been searching for some of the funniest research related media over the last year. (Tried using com.Google but that’s just hard work!)

Here’s a few that tickled me…

How about this for a totally random survey? What would you learn from it? (more…)

Pitfalls but publicity of public research

public researchHow reliable is public research? Can you trust those government or media covered surveys?

In the same week as we shared some examples of public segmentations, the BBC drove plenty of media coverage on the results of its latest “Happiness Test” research. Beautifully presented within its iWonder section, it captured the public imagination, especially in terms of evidence for traditional stereotypes in some areas of the country.

On the surface there was much to praise here. At a time when research is suffering being neglected by those interested in Big Data + Predictive Analytics, it is great to have such high-profile coverage for a large survey.

Sharing their data, and visualising it in a way that’s accessible for the general public, is the kind of data reciprocity and PR that public research really needs. It also captures the media & public interest, because it’s  fun; a “where should I live?” game. (more…)

Is Pharma learning from FS too?

exchange-of-ideas-81822_640After previously sharing on FS firms & Retailers learning from each other, it’s interesting to see in CX Magazine how FS firms are sharing CX lessons at a conference for Pharma.

Perhaps sector cross-pollination of ideas is back in fashion as firms refocus their strategies for growth? Other sectors learning from FS is surely an encouragement to those of you who are customer leaders within FS firms, still working hard to de-toxify your brands and build a new perception.

Caroline McKinley from RBS has published an infographic summarising their approach to Customer Experience (CX), which you might find interesting: (more…)

How to get back to Customer Centric as the point

iStock photoAfter so much media attention to the terms Big Data, Predictive Analytics and Data Scientist, I’m pleased to see that attention is returning to topics like being “Customer Centric“.

Without cultural change within most organisations, ever more sophisticated use of data & analytics will just make them more efficient at irritating the customer rather than actually improving those vital relationships.

Despite the fact that Big Data still dominates Google searches…

…there are encouraging signs of more focus on application for the benefit of the customer. Here are a few sources I’ve found recently. (more…)

Retailers & Financial Services learning lessons

Corner ShopIn recent years, especially since the ‘credit crunch’ recession, it has become common for commentators to look into what Financial Services companies can learn from other industries. These have included Telcos & Retailers among others, with some associated cross-pollination of Marketing leaders crossing sectors (with mixed success).

A number of commentators have shared some good points on the lessons FS could learn from Retail. The first I want to share is this article from CMO magazine, which concisely summarises a number of the lessons which need to be learnt about delivering the integrated digital experience customers expect: (more…)