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Implicit Research Methods, resources on those you should consider using

implicit research

Following Katie’s useful introduction to behavioural research, this post surveys implicit research techniques.

Given the relevance of implicit research techniques, to monitoring behaviour, it makes sense to dig deeper.

In this post, I will share the breadth of these technique, current usage & academic basis. Plus, to finish, I’ll share details of an upcoming event in London.

As we’ve shared before, learning in the field of Behavioural Economics (and related fields) has raised the bar for researchers.

The annual Behavioural Economic Guide, reveals how much work is happening. How can Customer Insight leaders best ensure, they have behavioural evidence, as well as just self-report? Due consideration needs to be given, to permission for data capture, as outlined in GDPR. Once that is addressed, implicit methods can help. (more…)

Are you ready for Behavioural Research? Ask yourself these questions.

behavioural research

This month, we will return to the topic of research, starting with behavioural research.

As we discussed, when sharing posts on Behavioural Economics, behavioural biases cast doubt on self report. If people aren’t aware of their behavioural biases, can you trust survey results or focus groups? The answer is more nuanced, due to other advances in research design.

But, such concerns have caused some to refocus research effort on behavioural research or experiments.

So, to help us start to explore this area further, I’m delighted to welcome Katie Hagan, as our latest guest blogger. Katie works for Netquest, a leading global data & research agency. Talking with their UK MD, Johnny Caldwell, he put me on to this interesting article from Katie; together with a free e-book for readers. (more…)

The average week of a Data Scientist, hearing from one on what they do

average week of a data scientist

As we come to the end of a month, focussed on Data Science, lets hear about the average week of a Data Scientist.

On this blog, we seek to get past the spin & platitudes of much advertising on data science. So, I’m delighted to bring you a new guest blogger, to share his reality.

Chris Bose is a Data Scientist, running a small technical PR company, In Press PR. As you’ll read, his focus is on smaller datasets & textual data. However, I believe his experience helps illuminate the reality for many data scientists.

So, prepare to look beyond the infographics & theoretical articles, here is what a real data scientist spends their time doing. Over to Chris, to share his answer to my question: “What do you spend your time doing? What is the average week of a Data Scientist?(more…)

Fantastic Data Beasts and where to find them, plus what to pay them

Data BeastsWhat are Data Beasts? Well, a topical idea, I was delighted to have, as another contribution from Francesco Corea.

Francesco is currently a leading AI blogger, after many years as a consultant & advisor. We last heard from him with his review, of the InsureTech sector.

In this post, Francesco shares, his perspective, on what it takes to be a good Data Scientist & how to become one. It’s interesting to complement the established Analytics perspective of Martin & myself, with Francesco’s emphasis.

As I’m finding at many events, it’s helpful to hear both from experienced leaders & innovators in new tech startups. So, over to Francesco, to benefit from his perspective… (more…)

5 tips, to spot the AI jobs you should avoid, in 2018

AI jobsAs we focus more on Data Science this month, let’s consider AI jobs.

There has been much media debate on whether or not the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will take away jobs or create new ones. Pessimists & optimists have battled it out, all the way from the uniformed to the late great Prof Stephen Hawking.

So, to shed some light, on the topic of AI jobs, and considerations for those thinking of applying, I’m delighted to welcome a new guest blogger.

Bente Busch works as chief advisor, on AI and Data Intelligence, in EVRY. A leading Nordic technology company. So, she is well placed to inform us on the opportunities & pitfalls AI jobs bring. Over to Bente to inform this debate… (more…)

Role Definition Workshops – from tasks to the roles needed (part 2)

Role Definition WorkshopsThis is part 2 of guest blogger, Hanne Sorteberg’s, series on Role Definition Workshops.

I hope part 1 was useful to you. In this post, Hanne goes on to explain how to get from your long list of tasks, to the roles you need.

As we start a month, focussed on Data Science, organising teams into the roles needed, is as relevant as ever. We have seen, in both Hanne’s previous post on Data Science, and other resources I’ve shared, that the right mix of roles matters.

So, let’s return to Hanne’s guidance, on role definition workshops. We pick up her advice, just after you have produced, your total list of 40-100 team tasks. (more…)

Role Definition Workshops, a simple method to tune your team

role definitionContinuing our focus on designing your team, have you used role definition workshops?

It’s not an approach that I’ve used before. But, I’m delighted to welcome back, guest blogger Hanne Sorteberg, to share her experience. She has so much advice to share, this is the first of another two-part series.

Talking to Hanne, about these blog posts, I was impressed how this approach has worked for her, in very different sectors.

So, I recommend reading her advice, on one way to define the roles you need in your team. Over to Hanne to explain how… (more…)