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InsurTech: bucking the trend of cautious insurers with AI innovation

InsurTechHow close are you to the AI innovation happening within the InsurTech sector?

To promote debate, and deeper thinking amongst Customer Insight Leaders, this post balances our last one. Apparently contrary to that review (shared by SMA), in this post we look at lots of insurance innovation.

The reason for the difference is a focus on the InsurTech sector. But, there are notable examples beyond InsurTech too, including recent use of drones.

Even more encouragingly, this post focuses on the UK. It appears, when it comes to AI innovation by InsurTech startups, the UK is leading the world.

So, it’s time for an expert in this field. I’m delighted to welcome Francesco Corea as our latest guest blogger. Francesco is an AI technologist, editor of Cyber Tales and is completing his PhD at LUISS University. So, he knows what he’s talking about. Thanks to Insurance Thought Leadership for the introduction. (more…)

Are insurers playing it too safe with data and analytics?

data and analyticsAs we focus on business applications, let’s broaden our scope to review how data and analytics strategies are being implemented.

Insurance is a conservative industry. It has certainly lagged other sectors, in terms of digitization and customer experience. But, insurance businesses have enthusiastically embraced data and analytics capabilities.

As I talk to my insurance clients, most are actively engaged in building/improving this capability.

Talking about this with our old friend Paul Carroll, at Insurance Thought Leadership blog, he pointed me in the direction of Karen Pauli. Karen is a principal at Strategy Meets Action (SMA) advisory firm. In this post she challenges the tendency in insurers to stay in their comfort zone. So, I’m pleased to welcome Karen as our latest guest blogger. (more…)

Is that tempting technology really useful to your business?

useful to your businessUnless it proves useful to your business, it was a distraction.

Recent posts have focussed on advice when using Data Science or Data Visualisation. Now it’s time we returned to focussing on commercial realities. One lesson, I learned as a senior customer insight leader, was not to get distracted by what one CEO called “hobbies”.

By that, he meant ideas, passions or technical innovations that, whilst interesting, are not relevant to what the business needs now.

When coaching leaders, I still encounter businesses wasting money & time on hobby technology. So, let’s review a few recent articles focussed on business realities. (more…)

Are your interactive data visualisations working for you or your users?

interactive data visualisations workingHow are your interactive data visualisations working for you or your users? I ask as there have been a number of useful posts published by Data Viz experts recently that suggest all is not well in the world of interactivity.

So, building on our recent themes of Data Visualisation and Data Science, I’ll spend this post exploring how well interactive data visualisations work. If hardly anyone is using them, is it worth bothering?

Given the amount of media coverage and interest in interactive data visualisation, it’s important to consider if they are actually working for their intended audience. (more…)

On the Bank Holiday, here’s a variety of topics for Insight Leaders

topics for insight leadersSitting at my desk on a Bank Holiday, before taking a break, I’ve been reflecting on a variety of topics for Insight Leaders.

One of the reasons I found Customer Insight Leadership such a rewarding career and still find it fascinating to help such leaders, is the diversity. One day your focus may need to be on improving specific Analytics skills, or complex Data problems, the other it could be how to change culture as a leader or summarise key insights from qualitative research. It really is a polymaths’ playground.

So, as we near the end of a month focussed on Data Science, I thought I’d share a variety of content including some for Data Scientists. (more…)

Questionable practices by Data Scientists – where do you stand?

Questionable practicesJust because you can, doesn’t mean you should; this is perhaps the simplest way to introduce questionable practices.

Last year we posted on the desire amongst many data scientists to achieve social good through their work. As for all disciplines, there is also a potential “dark side to the capabilities of data scientists. So firms have or still do seek to use data as a weapon or persist with questionable analytical activities.

In this post we will explore 3 examples that should prompt your own reflections on data ethics and any implications for you.

I’ll share on uses of data science for: employee surveillance; winning elections & proliferating fake news. More encouragingly, I will close with how two organisations are working to advance a code of ethics for data scientists, as a positive response to this challenge.

But first, let’s explore the darker side of Data Science use. (more…)

Beyond the coding, here are some personal Data Science stories

personal data science storiesI hope you’ve found this month’s Data Science content to be useful, as I’d also like to share with you some personal Data Science stories.

To complement the technical resources I’ve shared recently, it’s important to also focus on the people side. Customer Insight Leader exists to encourage and inform more holistic customer insight leaders, covering the disciplines of data, analytics & research, as well as the requisite leadership skills.

In this post I’ll share 3 different perspectives on Data Science careers: from those starting out in tech companies; to an ex-freelancer; plus an experienced data scientist sharing his experience & resources with us.

So, if you are an analyst considering a move into Data Science, or a leader wanting to better understand your Data Scientists or options for your people – I hope this helps. (more…)